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That Thang by The New Groove

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission.
Great song! Really like the vibe. Well performed and arranged. Don't really have much other feedback to provide. It's really well done.

What I can talk about is my specialty, Film/TV synchronization. For me and my company, it would be difficult to place it because of the explicit lyrics. Always good to have a clean version available. The groove itself is quite repetitive as well. So it would make me wonder whether that's original or samples/loops that need to be cleared. Make sure to have all your business in order before pursuing any business relationships with it. Best of luck with it. Enjoyed the listen.

Chris Heintz

First and foremost thank you for reaching out and submitting guys. Starting out the mix on the track sounds a bit rough. There could be more dynamics in the track overall and the mix is missing high end to give that crisp sound to the record. With that said I do like the production idea with the horns and the keys. The arrangement is solid and there is good musicianship within the track. As far as the song itself I’m not really hearing anything that is grabbing me. Melodically it has it’s moments, but there needs to be more ear candy within the written melodies overall. The strongest part is the chorus/hook. I would say work on those melodies and make sure your mixes/masters are clean, dynamic and sound professional. I hope this helps thanks again!

Nick Swain submitted media.

Cruise Mood by Swain

Jerry Doby

I like the foundation of the joint...staying grounded. Song might be a tad bit too long at over 4 minutes but I enjoyed it overall.

Aaron Suplizio

Great track, great jazzy beat that is modern yet pays a hit of homage to Outkast.  Video was well produced and interesting.  Stick with it on the promotional side!  

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