Juliana Strangelove

Juliana Strangelove

Juliana Strangelove

Juliana Strangelove
rock, classic rock, folk rock, americana, blues

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Bourbon Street Bar by Juliana Strangelove

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Moscow Heterosexual Blues by Juliana Strangelove

Johnny Ramirez

I really enjoyed the music! Great musicianship and the lyrics were very well written to fit the storyline! 

Juliana Strangelove submitted media.

To Amsterdam by Juliana Strangelove

Alan Cross

This is very, very sweet. I like the video, too.

There's nothing I can offer about the production, arrangement or performance. You've pretty much nailed it. 

The best thing you can do right now is hire someone to push for this song to be included on new release/music discovery playlists on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and all the others. This is the kind of stuff that will play well there.

Radio should be secondary, although that doesn't mean you should ignore it. Start by getting a plugger to target specialty/new release shows on alternative and AAA stations. And don't forget public radio, community radio and campus radio. Those are your best shots for this genre in today's musical environment.

I'm going to bet that most of your success and exposure will come from playing live. There's nothing like having an audience of strangers to tell you the truth in real time. If you have a smart booking agent, he/she will push you onto small festivals and on bills with like-minded artists.

Think about making friends with music supervisors. Getting even a snippet into a TV show or movie would be helpful.

Good luck. I'll push this out through my social media channels, which is good for about 100,000 people.

Ed Cohen

Hi Julia. I enjoyed the tune-nice flow and feel.  Your writing seems best suited for film/TV placement vs Top 40.  hry to get it to music supervisors.

Johnny Ramirez

Great music! I really enjoy the way you all piece everything together, lyrics with guitar rhythms and overall the feel of the song is great! Love the messages in your song, great songwriting!  

Wiley Koepp

Enjoying the melody and chord progression in this one. Your voice is interesting...compelling  with your deliberate delivery. I'd love to hear a bit more range, maybe a harmony vocal in the chorus? Just something to add a little sonic spice to an otherwise solid song. I checked out your appearance on The Voice Russia and loved when you jumped into your higher register. "To Amsterdam" is a much different song, but I think some variation would be a great addition.

Your voice is your asset--it sets you apart from other singer/songwriters. Best of luck as you pursue your dream!