Edward Kennedy

Edward Kennedy

Edward Kennedy

Edward James
Singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles.
Los Angeles

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HookART (rough Demo) by Edward James

Jared Lee Gosselin

Hey Edward, 

Thanks for sending. 

First off I'd like to say that you have a nice vocal tone, It seems like you need to partner up with the right producer to work with you on your overall sound. Could also be good to get you with some co-writers to help build your writing skills up more. 

If you are interested I have an artist development company I work with that builds artists into substantial brands and real business's. If this is something you may be interested in please give me a shout directly.. 


Vickye Fisher

This is an interesting track that seems to want to cross over between multiple genres and styles. It reminds me in several places of Pitbull + Ke$ha's hit 'Timber'; that intriguing combination of country inflections over a club-style pop track (aside from the fact the melody and phrasing is quite similar in the chorus). I'm not sure how I feel about the much slower, melancholic intro, as I'm not sure it fits. The repeat of this semi-refrain later in the song works much better and is absorbed into the rest of the song more effectively, but the intro is a little too laboured and confusing.
Other than that, the song is catchy and I think the falsetto suits it well. This is sure to be popular in the dance-pop, or even R&B-pop scene. Best of luck with it.

Kami Knake

Love this song! Great fusion of pop rock and dance. Can't wait to hear the final version and want to know when it's on Spotify. Love the melody! Kind of reminds me of Avicii but with more rock n roll love! 

Scott Cohen

Crazy.  I had no idea where this song was going.  I thought it was going to be a jazz track and  then it builds into a full blown dance track.  Super cool.  Bending the rules.

Bob Lugowe

Fun, infectious song with a great hook and good mix of modern styles. I think there's some definite potential here in the pop world, you just need to work on polishing everything up (image, production, artwork, etc.) if that's the world you're going for. Focus on getting this track to 100% where you want it to be and then perhaps make a music video or begin to solicit a manager, publicist, etc. to help spread the word. Best of luck! 

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