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Dave McGoff – Into Hiding – is an Irish-born DJ
Dave McGoff – Into Hiding – is an Irish-born DJ who is all about providing his audience with an amazing experience through his shady brand and close engagement with the public. Dave centres around being a striving, modest, consistent, and above all sincere artist. 

He is recognizable by his sharp colorful look. Dave comes from humble beginnings in sitting at home spinning records, just a couple years later Dave has established a clear focus and is ready to take over the underground industry with his new genre and experience based profile.

Dave’s sound, Stealthy House, is best described as calming underground music with a commercial crossover, and a slightly sophisticated touch. Inspiration coming from Green Velvet, Hot Since 82, Claptone, Joris Voorn, and Dennis Cruz. Recently, a new chapter started with Dave’s debut release on 1980 Recordings and after a release on GreatStuff. Both tracks were received very well, the former even making it into the iTunes top 25!

Dave McGoff has played a multitude of venues in Dublin, London and Amsterdam bringing his brand to such venues as Lost Society, Code23, Grand, Social, Sugar Club, the Academy and much more, including opening the Electric Picnic festival and the Bacardi stage at Longitude. Currently, Dave holds a residency at Pygmalion (Dublin), which hosts many international acts including Sven Vath, Hot Since 82, and Derrick May.
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tech house
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Brian Hazard

Before I forget Dave, the Twitter link from your SoundCloud doesn't work! You need to update it to djdavemcgoff.

Just so you know, I'm no authority on tech house as a genre. That won't stop me from saying whatever pops into my head though!

I'm 1:30 in and it's basically been the gradual un-muting of one four-bar loop with a couple filter sweeps. It's heavier at 2:10 but I think in a difference context you would've lost my attention. There's just not enough going on, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be focused on.

Finally at 3:05 there's a hint of a different direction, with the bassline out. And then at 3:36 we're back. Guess it was just a short breakdown.

Have you ever tried copying the skeleton of a successful tech house track? Not any of the actual notes, of course, but the structure — down to the way the arrangement introduces new elements. You could lay it all out in your DAW before tracking a note, and know that you've got a successful layout.

I'm at 5:15 now and it's closing down. From 3:36-5:15 just sort of meandered to my ears. And we're out.... felt like it needed another 4 bars at the end fwiw.

Nothing strikes me as "wrong" — the mix is solid! There's just not enough there to hold my interest. It could be my ignorance of tech house, but I was expecting some sort of contrasting B section.

Two other promotion-related notes:

1. Your cover art images are fine, but the huge fonts strike me as amateur. At the very least, you could remove the "By" as it seems totally unnecessary.

2. Your pitch for the track doesn't tell a story. It's a purely technical description, and doesn't do anything to inspire anyone to hit "play." Don't get me wrong — this is VERY difficult for me as an artist — but you want to share WHY you recorded it. Maybe it could be what gave you the idea, what you were doing when you thought of it, etc. Something outside of the music itself that connects you as a human being to your audience.

Hope that helps! Despite my misgivings, I'll share it anyway — right now!

Dave McGoff submitted media.

Walker by Dave McGoff

Brett Napoli

Reminds me of the Miami club scene, latenight at Club Space on the Terrace. The vibes are great, has a catchy sound and I like the cuts to different sounds. I felt there could be just a bit more variety and cutaways from the main beat, but overall I enjoyed it. Though it sounds redundant to say the main sound was repetitive, that would be the only improvement I'd suggest. Thanks for the submission.

Brian Hazard

Hey Dave,

I'm certainly not an expert in tech house, so take this with a grain of salt. I can comment on the mix though — it's solid! My personal kryptonite is crazy loud hi-hats, and yours are tastefully subdued. The kick seems about 3-4 dB loud, and the bass maybe a dB loud, but again, that may just be my ignorance of the style.

Structurally, there's not a lot to dig my teeth into. I'm not hearing any sort of hook or drop. It just kind of meanders along. It reaches its peak by about a minute and a half, and stays there. I'd love to hear some sort of lead or breakdown. Right now it feels like a bed to put something else over. I bet it would be great for voiceover work, like a commercial!

That said, it's enjoyable and competent, and I'd be happy to share it with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

In the future, you might include a short, catchy description of the song or artist that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

For now all I've got is "groovy little tech house track" which I daresay undersells it. 😜