J. Bligen

J. Bligen

J. Bligen

Recording Artist, Producer, Record Label.
Born in the Bronx, Bligen always loved music and discovered he could sing at an early age. His mom moved him to South Carolina, where he began to sing in the Mt. Calvary Baptist church choir. Early memories expose him attempting to write songs at ten years of age, but he quickly gave up “because I stunk at it.” As a teenager, he moved back to New York, and found that after gaining some life experience, he could now put his feelings into words and found his knack for writing songs.
soul, music, r&b
New York, USA

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Seriously by J.C. Bligen

Dr Jerry Brown

God Bless J.C My comments are going to be critical because I want you to succeed, but also sensitive because I don't know your situation in life nor you goals, dreams or desires. I do feel that you love the Lord! so here we go, if I was in church and you lead that song I would say amen, because you are giving God praise. depending on the type and size of the music department, I would probably say amen again for the musicians. Now for the critical part, it sounds like everything is out of place concerning Vocals need a lot of work, music mastering needs a lot of work on quality. Now for the sensitive side, I love the lyrics, It's bible based, the arrangement is nice, and the beat is good. Here is my first impression, this guy can't be serious, then my spirit said but if he is then he will find a way to create a new sound that would in the pass sound bad but today sounds good! so read this review with an open mind, but most of all read it with an open heart! If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me through the Fluence contact info

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