Bay Area based harpist and songwriter of blues, folk and pop influence. I spent 3 years in Scotland getting my BA in Scottish harp and Gaelic song at the RSAMD (now RCS) in Glasgow, and a year learning the Scottish Gaelic language at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye. It did rain a lot. My debut album 'Who Asked You Back' will be released late August. The album is primarily solo, bluesy, riff based kickers with hint of creepy, stolen baby mythology. 2 tracks feature electric guitar by Sam Eigen (Smash Mouth). 

Somewhat unrelated: I built my own (tiny) house myself 5 years ago. I sew and make all my own jewelry, clothing, pretty much everything on me except my boots. Eventually I'd like to make those, but I think that's going to be pretty hard.

Interesting fact: my grandfather, Gordon Jenkins wrote the song  'Crescent City Blues' which Johnny Cash shamelessly ripped off for his well known song 'Folsom Prison Blues'.
singer/songwriter, music, art, fashion

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Indie Band Guru

Very beautiful song and music video. There is something here.
I am actually heading up to IndieWeek in Toronto next week to do a presentation that is right up your alley. All about developing a roadmap to your goals. Focus is key. Staying on the path and not getting distracted by every shiny object that comes along. 
Shoot me an email at Keith@IndieBandGuru.com and let's chat.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Ellaharp - thanks for the submission.  From the very start - i loved the instrumentation and dthe vocal sounds great.  Really cuts through and there's a nice sonic identity here.  Overall i think it's a really lovely piece and if I was listening on my own and it came on - I probably would leave it on / stream through.  Only thing for me is I felt that it didn't really "land" in a chorus but more so was through written as a whole piece.  Not saying that that is a bad thing and it certainly works for your lane - but it's moreso what I'm looking for.  I started to get that by the end of the song with the repetition of that one line - but some overall feedback. Really nice work but not sure if it's quite right for me. 

submitted media.

Dirty Money by EllaHarp

Bree Noble

Love the vibe and unique arrangement with the harp. Please PM us through Fluence so we can get this on our station. I think you'll go far with your unique style and talent.

Andrea Young

Great visuals, drew me right in.  The bluesy harp is so unusual, I'm mesmerized by  your performance.   Didn't know a harp could sound like that honestly, so there's definitely novelty value right off the top in performing in singer-songwriter venues, which is what I'd classify this as.  Are you looking to perform or more right and record?  Glad you releasing your music on iTunes/Spotify, would like to feature it on playlists.  Send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with "Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title'  and I will include on shows and private playlists for the moment.  Would like to hear more arrangement/production behind you, but not too much.  By the way, your description is great, love the cheekiness in parts, the only thing missing is a SPotify link but that may be because this is the first music you'll release.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music, very much enjoyed this! 

Nate Maingard

Totally in love with this, what a beautiful thing! I've never heard this kind of music on a harp. I understand the challenge of trying to define a genre. It's like a cross between blues and something almost indescribable, I dunno. It's unique, it's stunning, wow! Happy to share on me twitter, hope it helps ya!

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