Dree Paterson

Dree Paterson

Dree Paterson

Musical artist, songwriter
Dree Mon is a new project from spawned from previous project Dree Paterson. It is a new sound, so a new name was fitting. Rebel soul will be the first song to come out and will be premiered in Paste
magazine on thursday the 19th. There is an awesome video to follow plus many more singles to come. Any feedback would always be amazing, but I am hoping to build relationships with press, blogs and open
myself up to new opportunities by submitting here.

More about Dree -

If David Bowie and Wonderwoman had a sardonic love child in the valley, it would probably be Dree Mon.

Now known as the stage name Dree Mon, Dree Paterson has been performing and writing music since 2010 and has written songs with artist Nicco (Sony Europe) for overseas placement (Robert M’s “2013”) landed demos on network tv shows “Parenthood” and “White Collar,” and films such as Wingman Inc, No Service, Liv Out Loud, Love Or War, Logan etc.) She has graced the airwaves of KPFK along with internet radio stations like NetteRadio, Radiobuzzd, Rawdio, and more. Her music and voice have also caught the attention of several awards including a win for the TVMA's 2017, a nomination for the 2012 HMMA award, and a win for the 2012 Indie Music Channel award.

Most recently she has signed songs she has written to the prestigious licensing company Catch the Moon run and founded by Cathy Heller.

She has showcased with her band at the 2017 NAMM show in Anaheim, showcased at Durango songwriters expo,  and plays live several times a month.

In 2013, Dree had a successful retro soul pop single with a charismatic and quirky totally fan-funded music video for “Waiting (When I See You), directed by Donte Murray, which can be seen here on
her youtube channel – http://youtu.be/zaUvz46zpuw . She followed with an EP "A Louder Side of Me" in 2014 and is now onto what she believes to be her best work yet! And so much more is yet to come. Her latest sound, a blend of retro pop and old-school soul, has been described as “contagiously catchy.”

Her latest single, Rebel Soul, speaks about taking risks and chances, even when everyone else tells you not to. Check out her website
soul, indie pop, fashion, pop music, pop culture
Los Angeles, CA

Recent Submissions

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Indie Band Guru

Excellent video that exudes a powerful female vibe. The track is catchy and puts a lot of energy into the room. 

Hugh McIntyre

Good job! This is honestly a bop. More of this!

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Dance Like I Want To by Dree Mon

Aurora Berill

Dree tries to have it both ways, she is clearly showing reverence towards funk and dance-pop music. A unique voice blends perfectly with the sound. This inspiring song sends a powerful message about individuality and embracing our differences, expressed through lyrics. 

Very talented singer-songwriter with great vocal performance. Everything is computerized and well programmed and a music video helps convey the message of the song. I am very pleasantly surprised to see the shift from the mainly retro funk oriented music into modern energetic pop and r&b music. 

A colorful atmosphere is still present, but evokes more confident and sophisticated feel. I would love to hear more from this artist in the future!

Thanks for sharing! 

Andrea Young

This track sounds like a great club track to me possibly (especially with a hot DJ remix), and, at the same time, the production behind it is not our style.  Strong vocals got me to look you up on Spotify (and follow you there) to see if I could find another track that might be more of a draw to my ears.  'Rebel Soul' is great! but again the production style on that as well is not quite a fit with our playlists.  Given your many awards and accolades, I was surprised 'Rebel Soul' is less than 50K listens on Spotify, would highly recommend focusing your socials and energies on getting those streams up further, but then I'm biased, I believe in that so strongly that I have a team that does just that (reaches out to playlisters for inclusion in order to bring up listens on Spotify ;)  Would love to hear something from you in a different arrangement/production style if/when you release something further.  Hope that is helpful, thanks for your submission, good luck with your music! 

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Rebel Soul by Dree Mon

Jocelin Leige

It has a nice beat to it. I like how it flows lyrically. It's good no doubt, I'm not much of a fan but I can listen to it on a regular
 Might get boring if I listen to it for more than three months. The singer was really great, her voice is beautiful and I loved hearing her.

Aaron Suplizio

The songwriting is super-catchy and the arrangement is super-interesting.  Big fan.  Great job!

Crystal Johnson

Love the energy on this one! Has a feel good nostalgic vibe. It’s catchy and I was naturally  inclined to groove to this one. The vocals could use some work but overall  great effort on this one.

Ben Hubbird

I like the honest 80s influence & production. Hooks for days.

Not feeling the lyrics, but otherwise a really solid dance track.

Aurora Berill

Dree Paterson has a very unique voice which adds a particular atmosphere to the song. I find this song very cheerful and fun with a great mix of funky, pop, and retro vibe. The melody is warm and backing vocals are doing a great job. Well recorded, mixed and produced!

Very nice track because of it's energetic music and quality produced sound. I would suggest listening this song during the gloomy and rainy day because it can definitely add some warm and chill atmosphere in your day. Definitely enjoyed this track and I hope to hear more from this artist!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Victor Romijn

Hi Dree, thanks for submitting this song to me. As a Jamiroquai-lover, I'm instantly hooked on the guitar strum and the violins that you used on the song. Well orchestrated!
Also, my compliments on the great voice and lovely harmonics in the dubbed parts. If I have to give you one point of feedback or critique, it is that the beeps in the intro feel a bit disconnected to the rest of the song and that the song has a lot of breaks, which get you out of the rhythm of it, which makes it less dancable.
Overall: great song. Well done, good luck in your career, with this voice you're blessed with.

Jeremy Troy

very nice, funky vibe great for cruising down the PCH with the windows open

Ty White

It's got a good vibe. She's got great pipes. For me, it's a little too "poppy" without being "catchy" -- it's something that's easy for me to leave playing in the background, but not something that gets me engaged, singing along, dancing, etc. I want more elements that surprise and delight me, not just more of the same "good"ness.

Gianluca Abbadessa

You say your new direction is to retro pop and old-school soul music: I tell you, got the right direction! This is the kind of tune you'll never stop listening to because it's a perfect mix of elements for a successful radio song and not only: you can feel the freshness of sound, the beat of the two chords played by the synth during the chorus, the elegant and hot voice you expected for a kind of song like it and you find it's not a black female voice you usually listen into dance or soulful house tracks.
I really think your song has a great potential mixing it in soulful house sessions or played in discos and clubs for funky or 80's house music lovers: if you have a good repertoire of tunes like this, you should contact middlemen in order to include them in soulful and funky house sessions played by the most important djs in the world.

Charlie Ashcroft

Great vocals here, alongside some really tight production, giving this a credible, commercial feel. It's one of those songs which rewards repeated listens and could well go down a storm on both the radio and club circuit. It's also a track which feels like it's been around for ages, such is its authenticity.

Bree Noble

Great song! I love the groove and the whole idea behind the lyric - it's a fresh take on an old idea. Vocals are very compelling and harmonies and production are top notch. We'd love to play this on our podcast. Please send us a message inside fluence and we'll work out the details. Bree

Danielle Langley

Great pop beat with a truly soulful voice. Bringing back elements of 80s dance, 90s R&B, and complimentary moments that bring in a modern edge. The funk guitar adds great dimensions to the bridge. Overall awesome tune that will appeal to ages from young and old.

Lauren Gribble

Hi Dree! Great song and very catchy. I really have no improvements about the song. I loved the vocals and the groove. I would love to hear more of your work so feel free to send them to me when you have them. 



SD Hox

Sweet vocals and a nice electronic track. This song is a throwback to the '70/'80s with a fresh new twist.  Let me know when it is up on Spotify and I'll spread the word. Thanks for sharing and great work!

Andrea Young

Lots to like here.  It's not our usual style or taste -- a bit more pop/dance and more produced than we usually feature on shows and playlists, but parts of it are catchy, energetic and toe-tapping and it definitely makes us want to hear more!  We couldn't easily find more music from you anywhere, can't find you on Spotify, and the music on SoundCloud is 3 years old and a different style. Would like to hear more, especially if you've got any less produced tracks, possibly a ballad or two?  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music, hope to catch you in the LA music scene!  I run a music marketing company focused on the playlisting space, if you are looking to promote your music on playlists, get in touch to talk further.