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Katie Skare

Katie Skare

Katie Skare once took an internet personality quiz that told her she was the type of person who either reveals absolutely nothing about herself, or can't help but let out everything she is feeling and then apologize for it afterwards.  This description pretty much sums up how Katie operates in life and music. 

After many years of writing song after song, yet only having the guts to play them for her cat Emily back in Minnesota, Katie finally kicked her fear in the face and has started playing to a slightly larger crowd.

Full of sweeping melodies and clever, playful lyrics (imagine if Regina Spektor wrote Disney songs), Katie's music is defined by her vulnerability and her authentic connection with her audience.  She can currently be found playing around New York City and is so excited to release her first studio EP - Just Another - on June 16, 2017.
New York

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Beneath Them by Katie Skare

Libby Rader

Interesting that you position it as a cross between Disney and Regina Spektor--I definitely hear the playfulness and childlike appeal. I could definitely see this in a tv show or film, reminds me of a musical number in some ways. If you want to appeal to a more typical pop audience you may want to be careful about your voice sounding too musical like if that makes sense. Having said that, your voice is great and I think it is a catchy song. 

Bree Noble

Great song! We'd love to play this on our station. Send me a message through Fluence and we'll get connected and get your mp3 for airplay.