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Sharpie Head by The Laytcomers

Mike Mineo

Guitar distortion and kazoo-like enthusiasm give this track a peppy start, reminiscent in snarling vocal tone to Supergrass -- and fondly so, with a bit of Mark E Smith thrown in for good measure (it has a loose, ragged structure nicely reminiscent of The Fall). Like an oddball form of Brit-pop, "Sharpie Head" is a charismatic listen. Saxophone (?) incorporation past the two-minute mark is expertly maneuvered in -- increasing the intensity in a vein that reminds of ska-tinged Madness. Instrumental-focused conclusion - with the guitar feedback and brass colliding beautifully - wraps this up nicely. Excellent, idiosyncratic work! I look forward to posting the track on Obscure Sound. Also, with it recently released, let me know if you ever need a hand with PR. I can send my rates and success stories upon request -> -- thanks for submitting! -Mike

Jen Dan

Wow, well that was a blast and a half!  Talk about a walk through the sonic jungle... 
Now, lyrics-wise, I'd don't know if you're targeting the red tape and other aggravating practices of corporate America (or other country), but if so, well done!
If not, then I'm not sure what a Mr. Sharpiehead is... LOL
But, seriously, you have an aggressive, pointed sound that you rawly sprawl out over the course of this tune, starting with the strutting drum beat, rumbling, low bass line, and wiry guitar lines.  
I enjoyed the defiant proclamations and spare and unvarnished instrumentation, especially the mix of horns squawk and trills and tangling guitar tumult - Well, I also like the ominous bass line, emphatic drum beat, and menacing vocal venting.  Nicely done!

James Moore

Hi guys, I commend you on your original musical and vocal approach. There's a whole lot of noise and looseness here that sounds inspired by acts like the Stooges or Drive like Jehu, and I wish more bands had the kind of courage to let it out like this. It makes the band more intriguing and worthy of building a legacy in my eyes. Very cool! I'd love to hear this track in the context of an album/vinyl release. It's probably something I would consider buying as well.

John Masters

Nice punk rock sound, reminds me of old Erase Errata, Times New Viking and other raw bands of that era.  Has a bit of a British feel too, almost like The Fall.  I dig the stumble of ithe whole sound and the driving bass riffs.