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Phil Loft

Im a singer songwriter based out of Long Island New york. I strive to put my best work out every chance I get because music is a true passion of mine. My style of music stems across pop, Soul and R & B. Many people say I remind them of a "Male Sade" and or I remind them of Seal. I find that to be pretty flattering since I'm a fan of artist. As flattering as that is I am just a mixture of both with my Phil Loft twist.

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Adore by Phil Loft

Raymond Flotat

Thanks for the submission Phil. So I don't have really much in the way of negative feedback for you on this song. The verses and choruses all work for me. It makes sense as a general ebb-and-tide of a song. There are a couple of things I would suggest in terms of tweaking/improving to make this even better though. Unless my ears deceive me, there's a decently heavy dose of reverb applied to the vocal treatment. I would try dialing that back a bit. Maybe not removing it altogether, but I would try reducing it. Secondly, the electronics that come in near the end of the chorus, I would like to hear a little more of that. It's a nice touch, and definitely helps for texture in the song, but a little more of that would take it from a subtle effect into making this a song with crossover possibility. Thanks again!

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