Bobby Dezfulli

Bobby Dezfulli

Bobby Dezfulli

Band Member / Promoter in The Empty
Bass / Keyboard / producer in The Empty
recording engineer, music production
indie rock, computer music, indie electronic
Portland, OR

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Shaking Hands (Callow) by The Empty

Indie Band Guru

Really like this song. Great use of the full sonic landscape. Lots of energy too. 
Bring back memories of some of my favorites of the genre Interpol and Pulp. 

Benjamin Groff

Hi thanks for the submission.  Really well produced and recorded.  Bass feels a touch heavy in the mix to me maybe?  And the song is really good too.   I like the title. The song is a little bit on the indie rock side, which for me, isn't quite my specialty (more on the indie pop side) so I'm not sure I can get behind it at the moment or on the website...but sounds like you're heading in the right direction!   

Charlie Ashcroft

This track grew on me the more it went on. It builds nicely towards the first chorus and then something changes - the ante gets upped! Great intensity from about a minute or so into the song, with some lovely guitar tone. 

Jeremy Troy

I think the vocals have to be tweaked a bit but on the right track...pun intended

Christian Lane

Flawless. Great lyrics, interesting structure. Terrific production value. Excellent melody. This is as good as it gets. Bravo. And take this how you like, but this is really Catherine Wheelesque. Wow.

Tyler Martin

- love how the intensity builds with the chorus. its huge and its great. 
- sounds like it should be a single on alternative radio
- is there a video? There should be a video. 
- overall great tune, good lyrics, stays exciting
- try to get song posted on local blogs
- music video would be a great addition 
- would love to hear more tunes
- definitely has something

Arielle J.

I thought this track was so interesting because musically it has such a 90s rock vibe but when the vocals came in they were less grungy/angsty than I expected them to be. But it provides a lightness to the song which is really nice. I wish you had provided a description with this submission because I love to know where the artist is coming from to help me place the track in some context. Either way though this track has a very commercial sound - in a good way - lots of mass appeal. I can picture listening to something like this while sitting on the grass with friends at a big music festival.

Liane Chan

That was a great song, sounds familiar yet still new and different. I hope to hear more from your band! Not sure if I hear all the textures described in your bio, it sounds very indie rock to me.

Ben Hubbird

This is fine. Nothing really sticks out, although the drums are definitely not my thing. Sounds like programmed drums, which really doesn't fit with what I want to hear for this shoegazy post-punk sound.

Dig the synth line following the vocal - nice touch.

Bobby Dezfulli submitted media.

The Hawk by The Empty