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Wake Child

Wake Child

Wake Child is the rare millennial band that sounds new, old and present all at one. Psychedelic shivers of electric guitars veer around the course of nearly every song, tethered to earth by immaculate blues lyrics and heartbreaking, harmonized choruses. They are Berklee-trained, yet still improvisational--every track is recorded live. They are influenced by the Wrecking Crew, Robert Glasper, Jimi Hendrix--and their debut album is coming soon. It is soaked in lyrical depth and expansive musicality, the type of all-inclusive work that deserves attention from Pitchfork as much as it deserves airtime on the radio.
Roxbury, MA

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Wayne Baxter

This is great, thanks for sharing guys. Please can you keep us in the loop with your further material - newmusic@stagedoor.fm - definitely keen to see what else is in the pipeline!

Jocelin Leige

Hmmm, it has an old school vibe to it. I like how fresh it sounds and I enjoyed the best a lot. I didn't really listen to the lyrics, but the best was really well made. I'll save the site and listen to it again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to listen and critique your work! 

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