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John Muirhead

John Muirhead

Making music and studying at UWOYesterday's Smile EP out now:
London, Ontario

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Alan Cross

So far, so good--but you can only tell so much from an unmiked acoustic performance, but I can offer some comments. 

Good harmonies, nice arrangement, heartfelt performance. The audience certainly seemed to appreciate what you were doing. 

Now, some questions:
--Where does this song go from here? How will it be arranged in the studio? Will there be a band behind you? 
--Who do you believe your audience to be? 
--Are you targeting radio? If so, what stations? (Be careful with this; the indie folk arena is very crowded, especially in Canada.)
--Will you hire a publicist to help you be heard above the noise?
--Have you considered the possibility that you may work better as a live act than a recorded one? This isn't to say you shouldn't record anything, but you may find more success on the stage.
--Are you thinking of applying for any kind of talent grant? (FYI: I sit on the FACTOR jury and we hear a LOT of indie folk right now. This video wouldn't meet the criteria for an application. It's just too raw.)

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