Rissa Boo
Rissa Boo is a multipotencial artist. Writer, rapper, photographer and experimented backpacker who doesn’t hesitate to cross his arts. Hailin’ from Paris, he began his activism through graffiti and breakdance before moving to New York City to feel closer to the Hip Hop culture. He starts rapping on his firsts mixtapes while backpacking in South America, Asia and Africa for almost 2 years where he took several photographs from every corner of our planet, meeting people, discovering its different cultures and having a blast everywhere he went.
After a few years of thinking, seeing the best and the worst of our world, he released his first album « Heritage To Defend », clearly a tribute to the hiphop culture. He writes and raps in english, french and portuguese, crossing influences and ambiences with a theatrical flow.
His new project EP#B Classik will be out on March, 14. Alternative Rap, with features of American MC Niko Is and French rapper Nikkfurie of « La Caution ».
rap, hip-hop, alternative, art, travelling, photography, street art

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Joshua Smotherman

Catchy song! Really loving the reggae influenced instrumentation and the infectious passion that pours across in the performance. The visual treatment does a great job at enhancing the song and bringing more life to the recording. I bumped this multiple times before I wrote this so there's something to say about that!! Great track!

Mike Mineo

Verse from intro to 01:04 is punchy and effective, with buzzing bass and clanging keys accompanying the brisk vocal delivery. "Don't stand alone" hook thereafter assumes a bit of a reggaeton feel, with not much variation in the melody but with the vocal production ascending in emotion and intensity for an infectious result. Return of reggaeton-like delivery around the two-minute mark is also effective. Structural variation in general is very minimal throughout, though the predictability plays well for a hypnotic feel and is appropriate for the radio-friendly eclectic pop hybrid. Vocal delivery is smooth and production is faultless, and although it isn't as stylistically idiosyncratic as some other material I post, it has a nice infectious quality throughout that plays well in the background or at the forefront. Nice work -- feel free to reach out me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details/success stories regarding my PR servicing. Would love to work with you. Thanks for submitting! -Mike

Lauren Gribble

Hello! Fantastic track. I loved how catchy the song was and how the music and lyrics flowed together seamlessly. Please let me know when you guys release new songs. Would love to hear more. I have added the song to my Spotify playlist. 


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