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Sophie Debattista

Behind S.O.S is Sophie Debattista, a 23-year-old Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter, producer and busker. She was originally born in Malta and at the age of 18, the young songstress embraced her British roots and followed her love of music to the UK. By 2013, Sophie was awarded a scholarship at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London which enabled her to study and graduate with a first-class BA (Hons) in Songwriting. This played a major role in Sophie's growth within the UK so far and five years down the line, she regularly performs around the music circuit in London and plays many festivals across the country. On top of all that, Sophie works hard at self-funding her music through busking on the TFL network and loves that she's given the chance to bring some positivity into people's day through her music.
Towards the end of 2015, Sophie’s music took an exciting turn as she began to delve into the world of music production. She now fronts the production team on all of her releases creating a combination of edgy electronic tracks, warm vocals and intense lyrics drawing influence from the likes of Alessia Cara, NAO, Halsey and Lorde. Sophie was recently in the studio recording her forthcoming debut EP ‘Edges of The Mind’ where this distinct sound is showcased. The first two singles to be released from that EP; ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Silent Witness’, received the support of top British media including BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 and Clash magazine. October 2017 is set to be an exciting month for Sophie as she will be releasing her next, highly anticipated single ‘Bloodline’. 
She says: “Music is my world. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love doing most in such a diverse country that keeps inspiring me everyday. I am continuously influenced by some incredible artists such as Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding and Lorde. Recently my music has entered a new and exciting phase, and the release of my debut EP will be my first ever collection of work and a chance to show the ‘real me’. S.O.S  x.o.x”
singing, songwriting, music performance
music, electro pop, acoustic
Bedford, England via London

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Sophie Debattista submitted media.

Firebrick by S.O.S

Jerry Doby

I love this song! Great use of timbre and intonation, masterful intervals of mellow and energetic. Sonically astute and awesome arrangement. imho this is a crossover to include chr rythmic...well done!!!

Angela Mastrogiacomo

I love the message and symbolism behind this song! I would love to work together on this—it's really clear the passion behind it, and I think it's incredibly catchy and well done. 

Wynona Grant

This is a great track, especially for the time of year coming up - I can really see this making it as a stand out Summer track.

The hooks are bouncy and contagious, and the chorus really carries through on the whole electro-pop sound of the track itself. 

Sophie Debattista submitted media.

Bloodline (mp3) by S.O.S

Charlie Ashcroft

This is a great open slice of well-produced electronic pop. Decent song structure too - I think the chorus gets that well-deserved lift which you're anticipating. It also strikes me as the kind of track which lend itself well to being performed as an acoustic version and some remixes - were they to be released consecutively afterwards, this would help the song's longevity and increase some traction on various streaming services. Whilst also showing off the artist's range and creativity!

Matt Langham

This is an accomplished recording from a young artist, which has a simple and powerful message. It might not be ultimately to my taste, but it's certainly well thought through and well paced, produced and engineered. 

Tom Johnson

Hi Sophie, thanks for your submission. We tend to veer towards more indie stuff than big, bold pop songs (which this undoubtedly is!) but we have a couple of writers who cover that sort of thing so have sent their way for possible review inclusion. Best of luck with the release!

Mike Mineo

Electro-pop that treads nicely between effervescence and nocturnal appeal - a la Erasure - with the "we are blinded by the differences" bit leading nicely into the percussive uptick around the one-minute mark, showing the "we are one black light" hook in solid form. This section repeats once more, leading to a nice bridge at 02:25 with an exotic appeal -- the trickling synths/keys resembling a rainy night in Tokyo. The most expansive version of the hook arrives at 02:50, showing listeners the successful hook one more time in its more ferocious form. This is a bit radio-centric and structurally conventional for the site's more left-field-leaning tastes, though touts accomplished production and vocal work that lends to a nice atmosphere. I look forward to following S.O.S. and anticipating future releases.

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