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Lawrence Fancelli

Italian-American multi-instrumentalist focused on music production. Currently in the process of promoting Paolo Cognetti, the first artist I produced on my new record labeI OSB Records. I am also finishing my first solo album after playing in various bands for years. I own, run and am the chief sound engineer at OSB Studio, located on the hills right outside of Florence Italy.
recording engineer, music production, piano, filmmaking, sound design, music composition, sound engineer
Italy/ Florida

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Rinascita by Paolo Cognetti

Brian Hazard

Paolo, this is absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to do a solo piano album like you — so obviously very inspiring.

I love the energy of the B section with its agile turns, and how it softens back into the main theme. The intensity is skillfully measured and it builds to a satisfying payoff. The slight slowing around 4:00 and transformation into a different but related idea is wonderful. I figured there's no way you could hold my attention for the full track — I was wrong!

I love your website, and how it connects to the video. The bio asks more questions than it answers, but that may be a good thing. Of course one wonders what the turning point is that it refers to, but knowing could potential taint the "purity" of the music. 

Fwiw, I would retitle the YouTube video to "Paolo Cognetti — Rinascita (Official Video)." The term "videoclip," to me anyway, implies that it's not the whole piece.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff! I'd be delighted to share it with my followers on Twitter early next week when engagement is high. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Brian Kelly

Beautiful composition and playing. I love the way the piece has a nice steady rhythm (always good for editing to picture) and yet it still has a nice ebb and flow to it. 

Jacinta Zechariah

I love the music and the composition. It is peaceful and calming. It is very pleasant to the ear. 

stan stewart

This is a lively and dramatic composition, marvelously performed. (Honestly, I had to listen to it without the video the first time to ensure that I was "just listening". The video is quite mesmerizing and engaging, so I'm glad I did. Fortunately, the music stands on its own quite well.) The piano has such an enticing sound -- perhaps particularly for another pianist. The key change in the middle of the piece was essential to keeping the listener drawn into the piece. In every respect -- composing, performance, recording/production, and video -- this is a wonderful piece of art.

Chuk Jones

Hello! Such an emotional piece! I love how the visual of the video helps to portray the emotional journey and transition from one state to another. You obviously have spent many hours sharpening your skill and know what you are doing when it comes to your craft. I look forward to hearing more of your upcoming release. Great work.

Charlie Ashcroft

Beautiful composition with lots of interesting, subtle touches. It's a hypnotic record, which feels both cinematic and intimate at the same time. Look forward to hearing the album!

Alan Poyer

This is a real treat – thank you sending my way! Listening now.

Throughout the entire arc of the piece's story, the visual accompanies the performance beautifully, as we follow a single rose petal carried by torrents slicing powerfully through rock during swells in the music (e.g. 1:50), while clear, peaceful streams match the calmer portions (3:35).

What a brilliant final build to the ending! Bravo!!

I'd love to help get the word out about this release. I'll share it out on socials now, and put together a blog post here as well (

Lawrence Fancelli submitted media.

Sunshine by Conaili

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