Oren Gilad

Oren Gilad

Oren Gilad

Live/Session Drummer, Music Producer, Photographer & Video Editor.

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Anchors (Feat. Tali Magory) by Shadow Ensemble

Benjamin Groff

Hey Shadow Ensemble thanks for the submission.  Nice tune here and nice voice and song.  I think if anything could be improved, it could be the production.  It's not bad at all but I felt it could be maybe more lush or maybe those parts are there but for me not all coming together in the mix.  Again - it's really good but I'm trying to put my finger on what could be improved and would suggest there might be something there.  Also I would suggest on future songs  - to also look into the power and effect of having a 2nd melody aka a "riff" in your production - an identifiable and copyrightable element to your song.  There's more on that here if you want to dive in! https://www.benjamingroff.com/blog/2nd-melodies-aka-the-riff  Overall - very nice piece, but not sure it was quite ticking all the boxes for me.  Hope it's helpful!

Alan Cross

This is really, really good. I enjoyed it immensely. Nice songwriting, performance, and production.

Obviously, though, in today's musical environment, you're working in something of a niche. Don't worry about that, though. Work to build over the long-term. Superserve any fans you have now and any new ones who jump on board. 

I'd strongly suggest that you check out the brand-new Spotify Fan Study (Just google it) and absorb the data and the recommendations. It provides some EXCELLENT advice for building a career.

Good luck! Let me share this on my socials.

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