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Alan Cross

I like this. Reminds me of the kind of headspace inhabited by the Black Keys and similar bands mixed with a little old school Bad Company.  Nice sharp production, too (the highs cut through on all sorts of speakers, including on my laptop.)

I think you've got something here, so what's the next step? Are you signed? Do you have a radio plugger and/or publicist? 

A couple of points:
--Make sure you have material ready for download/streaming. Your new audience is going to expect your music to be available in a variety of ways.
--That being said, I have a feeling you'll do well concentrating on live performances rather than hawking recordings. Have something to sell by all means, but I'm wondering if you'd best be served by playing as many live gigs as you can over the next 12 months. You'll be a different--and better--band at the end of it. You'll also figure out who your real fans are.
--Have you thought about music licensing? Time to make friends with some music supervisors who place music in TV, movies and commercials.

Good luck with the track. I'll be sure to share it through my social media channels.