Riley Jensen

Riley Jensen

Riley Jensen

backwards walkin, sideways talkin rock thing.
Ontario, Canada

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Futureproof by Kaptur

Alan Cross

Wait--does this song start in 9/8 time? Very Radiohead-ish. Love the build to the transition to 4/4 and the drive that follows.  Great production and performance, too.

No critiques from me on anything to do with the song. It's totally radio-ready and deserves to be heard by more people.

Are you signed? Do you have a publicist? Is there a radio plugger working on your behalf? You need help to get this heard in as many places as possible.

Meanwhile, let me see what I can do about giving this some love through my social media channels. If you have an MP3, I'd be happy to share it on my radio show later in the month, too. (I'm heading out on the road for two weeks, so my daily radio show will be on hold until then.) Find me at 

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