BiL Cassidy

BiL Cassidy

BiL Cassidy

Studio Owner, Operator
My name is BiL. I live in Kingston, Ontario. I like music. I like to make it and listen to it. I also like to help other people make it. I also am a graphic designer and lover of cats.
music producer, recording engineer, graphic design, songwriting, music production / mastering
Kingston, ON

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Little Black Dog by Suns Of Static

Alan Cross

First, I really like dogs. My English bull terrier is at my feet as I listen to this. 

This sounds pretty radio-ready to me. What you'll need now is someone to help you get past all the noise of the competition. That means hiring a publicist and a radio plugger. Both will help you get your music in front of writers, bloggers, reviews and radio program directors. 

Question: What are you doing to turn the fans you have into evangelists? You want those early adopters to love you so much that they'll go to war for you. Your publicist can help with strategies.

Let me pass this on through all my social networks. Hopefully this will get you some extra traction.

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