Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Toronto Based Rock Duo
Mr and Mrs are Michael Evans and Joy Phillips. Deeply rooted in the Toronto music scene, they have forged their own brand of "Rock Music". Michael's hard rock riffs and gruff vocals blending with Joy's acoustic roots and soulful vocals creates "Sonic Magic"
mixing, diy music promotion, music production, songwriting, music production / mastering, music performance
indie rock, singer/songwriter
Toronto, Ontario

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Shake It Up by Mr & Mrs

Alan Cross

I like this! It's nice to hear a lead vocal that's different and distinctive. (Would July Talk be as far ahead in their career without such a cool sonic signature?)

A couple of things. (1) You need a radio plugger to help you get past all the noise; (2) a publicist to do the same thing. 

Other tips:
1. Make friends with as many music bloggers as you can.
2. Use any relationships you have with other bands to spread the word
3. If you don't already, make sure you have something--ANYTHING--on YouTube. That's where so much music discovery takes place.

Be aware, though, there is a slight demo feel to this recording. A more experienced producer would probably work with you to great more depth and breadth to the sound. I'm also willing to bet that has you play live more often, you'll find your own ways of expanding the sonic qualities of the song.

Go forth, my friends. Keep in touch, too. I want to see what you guys can do. Meanwhile, let me post it through all my social channels.

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