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My Time (Official Video) by Myke Charles (feat. Sean Brown)

Abdul Karim Siraji

Good job on this single. Lot of correct things done, However i would like to give you helpful advice on things you can consider next time. 
Try to use new sounds when it comes to music arrangement. The sound selection is very important. Nowadays songs need the drop/chorus to be heavier than the verse. The Piano/rhodes/keyboard feel is a bit outdated unless you use it for a section only. 

The Mixing could be more tight , especially it being a Pop/RnB/Hiphop vibe. Lot of stems used like the open Hat and Tambourine could be either removed or reduced in volume.

There is a Snare that is panned to the Side, should have been in centre to hold the groove together.

The beat could stop at few places to hold momentums.

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