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Lifted by Donny Hills x Circa

Matthew Kratz

Solid track. It needs a B section. the beat and baseline get a bit repetitive.
The snare and bell sounds are cool but they play the same thing for too long.
Otherwise,w ell made groovy track. Nice one :)

Mike Mineo

Highly atmospheric and rhythmically infectious. Touts nocturnal vibes reminiscent of Burial, with the ghostly choir-like vocal playing beautifully among the submerged-sounding synths, ranging from the rising synth pad around the two-minute mark to the click-clacky hip-hop-laden rhythmic spurts around ten seconds thereafter. Structurally repetitive enough to lend a hypnotic quality, though not overly predictable as to make it dull -- making "Lifted" an impressive effort with a soundscape that will entertain any fan of electronica associated with grime and dubstep. Nice work! I look forward to posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also, if in need of help promoting your work, feel free to reach out to me at if interested in rates/success stories regarding my PR services. Either way, thanks for the submission -Mike

Parth Barot


Thanks for your submission and for your interest!

Ok so I had a listen and I really liked what I heard here. I think you have some great sensibilities, I loved the energy the song gave off, it's upbeat and has a great melody. I could totally see this being played live at festivals, especially in places like Coachella - "Lifted" just has a great summertime feel. Not sure if this was your goal but it sure worked!

I'd be interested to hearing more from you, keep me posted on here with any new tracks, I'd like to see what you do next!

Thanks again,