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Bryson Teel

Bryson Teel

Producer / Engineer / Composer at Bryson Teel Music
I am a composer, producer, and recording/mixing engineer based out of Connecticut in the United States. Recently released my debut EP entitled 'Wherever You Are.'
hip-hop, jazz, soul, electronic, r&b, experimental
Connecticut, USA

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Bryson Teel by Time Stops (Audio)

Brian Zisook

Thank you for your submission, Bryson. Gorgeous production. Elegant keys. The mood is full of feels. Under headphones, it's almost rapturous. As for the vocals, I wasn't *as* impressed. The warped effect played well with the vibe, but wasn't enough to really wow. Potential is obvious. Bright future.

Matthew Kratz

I think the intro takes a long time to develop. I think the song would be stronger if you shortened it.
The change in demo and beat structure throws me off a bit. The two sections should flow into each other in a more complimentary way.

Bryson Teel submitted media.

Chris Cable

Very trippy, in a good way!

Love the synth and vocals - reminds me of something on Warp or Ninja Tune... I can't really fault this to be honest. I think it could benefit from a remix pack maybe, just to help with club play, and wider radio play.

As for promotion - I'd suggest at this stage a free download, or if there is budget, looking at some smaller PR companies who deal with this style of electronic music. Maybe send to DJs such as Rob Da Bank or Benji B for radio play as well...

I've checked out the rest of the EP on your Soundcloud, it's really refreshing. Keep up the good work!

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