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The Flat Stanleys

not a real band(‽) you decide:…if u want a band that sounds good go to the other ones.
Baltimore County, MD

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One Sided Fist Fight by The Flat Stanleys

Lauren Gribble

Hello! I really liked the song. The track has a nice flow to it and everything fits well together. The only thing I would change about it is the phone messages included in the song. I felt that having these in there were a distraction when listening to the music, particularly since I could not hear them well, and it was taking away from the tune's overall sound.  

Al Terry

Really charming sounding song, excellent band name, the sort of song I would sing along to when doing the washing up.

Leks Maltby

On "One Sided Fist Fight" by the Flat Stanleys, the group lay down four minutes of xylophone-tinged plain-spoken indie rock that recalls early 21 Pilots, with voice mail female co-lead vocals thrown in for good measure. At times sounding like turn of the century indie rock in the spirit of the Unicorns, the Flat Stanleys have tapped into a sound that is just old enough to conjure up feelings of nostalgia, which on the verge of 2017 isn't necessarily a bad thing. Minimalism in the songwriting and arranging department serve as this song's strong suit, as every instrument is given room to breathe without every feeling cluttered or busy. Overall a very strong outing by this otherwise up-and-coming outfit.

The Flat Stanleys submitted media.

Martin Bryant

Really nicely put together overall - I like the variety in panning of the vocals and the lead vocal performance particularly. Either the drums are too quiet in the mix or there's little more than a tambourine for percussion - I can't quite tell. It doesn't hurt the song much, although it does perhaps reduce the overall interest level as the song goes one. About 2/3 through it felt like the song hadn't really evolved at all from the start and variety in drumming could help with that. As it has a lo-fi feel, that's not a massive problem but perhaps think about how to vary the arrangement to keep even casual listeners hooked.

Alan Cross

There are the bones of something interesting here, but the recording/production isn't nearly at the level it needs to be for it to be taken seriously. You need a proper studio with an experienced producer who understands how to best capture what you're about. He/she will also help with the arrangement, mix and performance. And if you want radio to consider it, you'll need a different title.

Again, you're onto something here, but it still has a long, long way to go before it could be considered a viable demo.

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