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D Grant Smith

Outstanding voice and nice use of strings to add some intriguing depth. While much of this track is very similar to most of the Worship/Christian music offerings in repetitive lyrics, there are musical aspects that help to create a different aesthetic.


I really liked the music video.  It is a very moving song.  I think that the shots of the girl dancing in the dark need to be redone with better lighting because you can't see anything at all.  Other than that it is a really good video.  I would love to play the song on my station. 

Andrea Young

I love the old-time gospel feel of this.  Much to like about the vocals and the somewhat old-fashioned arrangement and production values behind the vocals.  The video is well done!  The lyrics and subject matter (repentance) though could greatly restrict its commercial appeal.  I very much appreciate the authenticity of it, and the passion with which it is performed and spoken.  It's not quite our style or taste however.  Thank you very much for your submission, and good luck with your music!  

simon illa

This is a great worship song.  I would suggest trying a shorter edit of the song.  Keep a long version for live performance but have a shorter version as a single for iTunes, YouTube, etc.  As a producer, I would like to hear a little more distinction between the verse and chorus parts.  Maybe add an organ or something in the choruses and even more of a breakdown somewhere in the song.  This will give it even more impact.  At the end, I would love hearing an even bigger choir or at least more of the background singers stacking more vocals.  This will really bring up the overall dynamics at the end and leave the listeners with a very powerful and good feeling.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!  Thank you for sharing and asking my advice!

Dr Jerry Brown

My Brother this is a powerful song and you are anointed by God to minister by song, the song touched my heart and it will touch others and compel them to cry out to God, the video was nicely done with the young lady dancing Beautiful, if I had to add anything, it would be in the message, when ever you cry out to God for Mercy, always acknowledge that he has given it to you Through Jesus, Your music in the Gospel should always impact the hearts of man, but at the same time teach truth to man, so that they can live a victorious life in Christ, Overall, Review Thank you for blessing my soul with this Powerful Video, I will share it with the world. Dr Jerry Brown

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