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Martin Bryant

This isn't the kind of thing I listen to myself but I can imagine it sitting very well on Radio 2, Smooth Radio etc. Well produced, with a good video. The only thing I'd say is to be careful of overused lyrical tropes. 'Cuts like a knife' is used loads in pop, and hearing it at the start set it up in my mind as a generic ballad in a way a different choice of lyric might have not.

Leks Maltby

On "When You Truly Love Someone" by John Galea, fans are treated to nearly four minutes of impassioned piano balladry, an exercise in both vocal and instrumental prowess. Contemporary artists that come to mind include the likes of John Legend, and perhaps hints of Sam Smith. The instrumental arrangement is extremely dynamic, relying on a driving piano melody for the majority of the song, and then exploding into a full arrangement in the song's chorus. The overall effect is uplifting and spirit reaffirming, which seemingly is exactly the point that Galea is driving home in this song,

SD Hox

A talented artist and a compelling video with a surprise ending! Nice work on this track. I like the way the song builds in momentum as it goes along. The piano/vocal mix are reminiscent of Elton John. Thanks for sharing and I'm happy to share with my followers.

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