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High Low You by The smallest Creature

Bob Lugowe

Enjoyable, dark alt rock with a bit of a Radiohead vibe, good stuff. Really enjoyed the vocals and the chorus. I would suggest adding a short bio of the band to your Fluence description (mention that you're from Cyprus as critics / fans always appreciate bands from regions that aren't oversaturated with bands). I would add the lyrics as well as they seem to be an important part of the group. Make sure that you play out regionally as much as possible and start to establish yourself in your hometown if you haven't already, try to get on gigs with bigger bands that come through to your area and consider hiring a publicist to work your next release and spread awareness about your band to the media. Best of luck, I def plan to check out the full album. 

submitted media.

Copenhagen by The smallest Creature

Alan Cross

This is pretty. It's very early Radiohead mixed with some post-rock textures. It's certainly something that fits in with what's happening with commercial alt-rock radio these days. If you haven't already, I'd hire a radio plugger who can help get you airplay on speciality shows on both commercial and campus stations. I'd also buddy up to blogs that promote this kind of thing.

Do you have video that you can use for YouTube? That's the biggest music discovery site in the galaxy; if you don't have something there, you're missing out of picking up up millions of fans.

What about pursuing music supervisors for TV and movies? This sounds like somethey might be looking for. 

I'll give this a post on my social feeds and my website. That's good for about 25,000 views. Good luck!

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