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aut0pil0t by vernox music

Martin Bryant

I think the song and the lo-fi-ish recording style both work, but maybe not together as well as they could. The song feels like it would thrive better with a slightly (but not too much) more 'slick' production. Other than that, a good, listenable song and it sounds like you'd be a lot of fun live.

Valida Carroll

Hey Verox...
Thank you for your submission.

Even though it's not something that I would typically play on air...or in my DJ set...this is a solid rock'n'roll number, really well produced...and the video works. I may actually even play it...It would totally work if I did a throw back Stones, T-Rex, Pistols, ELO, Strokes set...

You have a great voice...Also, lyrics are pretty decent too.

Really trying to find something to say you could work on, but no...not finding anything....It all works.

Now can I please have an MP3 and I'll forward it to a few folks?


Abdul Karim Siraji

The song is catchy. 
I think you could harmonize the chorus parts to give it a fuller feel
The Mix could be better too unless this is the sound you had in mind.
Some of the vocals seems off sync as in LIVE version. 

Aaron Suplizio

Cool song-simple, catchy.  If anything, I'd explore ways to surprise the listener and take her/him to a different place during the song, perhaps the bridge?

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

good rock. it doesnt grab me or displease me.  Good middle of the road music. 

Alan Cross

I love this sort of stuff: stripped down Stooge-y garage-y rock. Choosing to shoot the video black-and-white was a good idea, too.

Your next step should be to find a radio plugger, someone who can get the word out who you are and what you can do to alt-rock stations with specialty shows as well as campus stations. You also want to make friends with as many bloggers as you can. 

Let me share this through my networks and let's see what kind of reaction you get, okay?

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