Clay Hodges

Clay Hodges

Clay Hodges

A hip hop artist that wants to learn as much as I can about the business and how to be great
Clay Hodges is a 23 year old hip hop artist from Savannah, Ga. He got his musical roots from my mother, Chiffon Hodges, a pianist that has played for various churches for over 25 years. He began writing poems at about 8 or 9 and developed an interest for music around the age of 10. He then started singing in the youth choir my mother directed and that interest in music grew into his passion. He began writing raps to express his frustrations with life and the environment that surrounded him. By the age of 15 he began recording music and releasing it to my peers with hopes of establishing a successful music career. 8 years later, he's still at it using music as a tool to penetrate the minds, hearts, and souls of my listeners. He promotes positivity and love and strive to bring about change by using his voice as well as by his actions.
entrepreneurship, songwriting, music performance
hip-hop, soul, reggae, pop, r&b, art, sports, fashion, film / video, books
Savannah, GA

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Savannah Weather by Clay Hodges

Lucy Tallant

Aphelion did a great job on the production here, really like this track. I would probably make a start by getting this out to college radio. This kind of vibe does well in those circles and getting on those college radio charts would really help raise your profile and awareness across the US.

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