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Brian Pampaselle

Long Beach, California

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Psalm Readers by undocument

Nicholas Peltekakis

This track, whilst not in my genre of experience, is a good effort; but I feel falls short of being great. The reason I think this is as follows: 

The low end of the track is great, the moody bass sets the tone well. However there needs to be more melodic influences in the upper range to give the track a stronger audio identity. I do not mean a lot of added melody, less is more here, and sparing use of another element or two in the mid to upper ranges would add the badly needed added dimension to raise the quality of the track.

Tyler Martin

- right from the start the some catches my interest
- very different sounding, in a good way
- your use of vocals is really nice
- would love to hear more tracks
- video could fit really well with a video
- very cool overall

Ilya Sitnikov

This is a decent piece of electronic music, though something lacks to take it to the next level and grab the listener in a more compelling way 

Maria Mouk

beautifully rhythmic, I think it's lovely and deserves a color of its own. 

This in regards to your website listing yourself as " in the vein of Bonobo, Flume, Brian Eno, Tycho, Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada."

Surely those other references didnt allude to so many other artists, and its ncie to mention that youre inspired by someone, but perhaps your description should focus on the personal qualities of your music, with just one or two references to inspiration.


Martin Bryant

I love the way the bass, the drums and percussion play off each other and complement each other. Really nice production and mastering. However, I do feel like the track would benefit from a bit more variety towards the end. It's short, so that's not a big thing. But it would keep listeners gripped throughout.

Brian Pampaselle submitted media.

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission. Prior to writing this i went on your soundcloud and listened to several instrumentals, and one other track with vocals, to get a better overall idea of your project/work.

I enjoyed this song, i thought the production was very clean, and vocal was well done. Track went a little long and slow for me, but overall was very good. I would be interested in hearing more completed tracks from this project. The other track w vocals on soundcloud was good as well. The overall feel of the production matched w good vocalists is a win in my opinion, and  thought there were some stronger instrumentals on your page as well.

I definitely think your project is going the right direction. Will share.

Much Musical Success!
Greg Gali

Joel Sumerling

Nice song. Cool production. I do like it. Doesn't really go anywhere for me though - kept expecting it to develop

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