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Elay Arson
Elay Arson is the eponymous stage and band name for Daniel Larson’s dark electronic instrumental act. A gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist that has been making music with computers for over 15 years. While studying at college for music, he studied composition privately with the late Lawerence Leighton Smith. A former soldier with a passion for music, he once worked on and nearly completed an album while stationed in Iraq during wartime.

His songs, inspired by his battle with mental illness, offers a stark look into the depths of emotional darkness and bleak struggle whilst still being creative. 

Elay Arson’s debut album Bloodbath, set for release November 14, 2016 with LA based label Kill All Music, captures the beginning of a blackened journey filled with noise, distortion, and beauty; capturing an almost surreal atmosphere of decay with a sense of hope.

Elay Arson’s next task is to take to the stage in Colorado and beyond for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.
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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Shiva by Elay Arson

Jared Losow

I like this a lot. It reminds me of Zombi/Maserati/Steve Moore with traces of trip hop and ambient influences. I hear hints of dark electronic music like Blanck Mass, Pinkish Black, etc. 

Love those throbbing synths and female vox. They really set the atmosphere for the whole track. I love the drums which feel like they're live even if they aren't. 

I don't really get the double-time tom groove at around 1:45. It kind of throws the vibe off a bit for me. I would continue to work on your songwriting and tying different parts together, but I think you're off to an amazing start. The feel is there and that's something you can't be taught.

I'm really into this and I look forward to hearing the whole album. I could see this at home on labels like Sacred Bones, The Flenser, or even Relapse Records. 

Liane Chan

Dark and heavy sounding, I liked it for the most part considering it's not a style of music I usually like. The industrial sounding opening is an interesting contrast to the vocal like synth and drum sounds alternating with the heavier parts and overall provides a menacingly dark sounding atmosphere. 

Alan Cross

This is cool stuff--I like what Trent Reznor does along these lines--and would be best suited for soundtrack work for movies, TVs and video games. I can't remember the last time there was an alt-rock radio hit that was exclusively instrumental.

The key is for you to find people looking for bespoke music. I'd suggest looking up the folks who run Music Gateway out of the UK. Their speciality is mating artists with people who need music writing to certain specs. You should also do your best to make friends at various production houses and studios. 

Meanwhile, I'll post this on my socials to see if anyone bites. Deal?  Good luck!

Bob Lugowe

This is definitely cool and has a super dark yet accessible vibe to it. I absolutely love the cover art for this and Ritual as they immediately draw the listener into your world. I would suggest including links to your official sites (bandcamp, facebook, etc.) on your Fluence submission and consider making a music video for one of the tracks on the EP and then submitting it to sites that cover this type of music. It doesn't have to be high budget or complex as long as you find images that match the music. Perhaps also consider hiring a publicist to promote your next release so you can get more media coverage. You should also put together some sort of bio that complements your aesthetic so people know more about what you're trying to do. 

Pieter Winkelaar

great song! Good work.

Kevin Hugger

Elay Arson is out there on a different plane, offering bumpy flights of fanciful that have all the hallmarks of a fairground on Mars. In this respect ‘Shiva’ is both futuristic and hard to classify, it is just what it is...a spiralling tunnel of noise that is edgy but never too pointed to turn the listener away. It is circa that sound that played in the background of that cult movie ‘Streets of Fire’, in that it is forever adding to the mood without once stealing our central sensory focus. For that and several other reasons I am quite taken by it. 

Brian Hazard

Great photo! You didn't actually solicit it just for this project, did you? Regardless, it's an eye-catcher.

I also love your catchy summary of the track on SoundCloud: "A journey through the ritual of summoning the destroyer of worlds." Exactly the kind of sharable snippet we need.

This reminds me of my Final Fantasy VII days, summoning Shiva based on her good looks, and not her abilities. Not that you know what I'm talking about! Anyway...

Is this really industrial? It strikes me as far too organic and warm for that. The breakdown at 2:00 is absolutely fantastic. What a MONSTER bass! Maybe a bit too much compression in mastering though, as the energy seems to fade a bit when the drums re-enter.

No real complaints here! I really like what you've done with this. Structurally it moves along nicely, and the mix is solid. I'd be happy to share it with my followers on Twitter! Thanks for sharing it with me.

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