Joshua LaMay

Joshua LaMay

Joshua LaMay

Band of Ghosts
One can never know what to expect from buzzing indie space rockers Band of Ghosts. With Queens of the Stone Age grit, and a Talking Heads groove, this upstate NY trio releases their debut EP " Necessary Evil" in spring 2016.
Albany, NY

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Fit of Reason by Band of Ghosts

Martin Bryant

Well recorded, well performed. If I had one suggestion it would be to add some kind of 'spark' to the production to keep aural interest levels up throughout the song - some kind of effect or twist in the arrangement that surprises the listener. Other than that, sounds good.

Leks Maltby

On "Fit Of Reason" by Band Of Ghosts, the band lays down four minutes of unabashed rock 'n' roll, drenched in swagger and booze. And while the song is instrumentally unbridled and unrelenting, the lyrics are actually remarkably clever and thoughtful. Well-crafted songwriting on full display, the lyrical and instrumental compositions hang in perfect balance, each playing off the others' dynamic shifts. Likewise, there is more going on musically in "Fit Of Reason" than immediately meets the eye, packing a surprising number of thinly veiled pop hooks shrouded in distortion.

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