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PHILIPPA OFFICIAL submitted media.

Andrew Leib

Hey Philippa- thanks for sharing your song with me!

First off- the great news is you have a fabulous voice. Super clean and natural to the ear. Completely competitive with every other pop star or top liner on today's hits. That's no issue.

My comment is mostly about the song. GREAT build-up in the verses to a non-existent chorus of cheesy piano and drum machine that was kind of disappointing. The chorus should be an explosion of all the elements in pop today... gang vocals, synths, glitch sampling, etc. Something that draws the listener in even further and forces it to be stuck in their head. 

Adding some heavier beats and percussion would take this song to the next level. 

I'd take this song to another producer and see if they can rework it to make something more produced, tastefully. Producers working on this type of stuff exist all over today... find one and hone in. This could be a hit song.

My ONLY comment on the vocals is they're TOO clean at some points. Make adding some grit and pitch would make it even more real and relatable. 

You have a great vocal for pop and top lining. I highly recommend moving to LA or NYC and giving it a shot. If you're a writer, get a pub deal and write with as many people as you can. Collaborate, grow, test your musical limits, and make an image for your music that is defined and trademark to you. 

Really good stuff, thanks for sharing. Promising!

Souterrain Live

Nice keys at the start and then the standard build up to a complete surprise, i was anticipating your run of the mill trap or housey type remix but was pleased that it flowed into a nice down tempo version. The lyrics pack a punch and throwing in an F bomb gives it that little bit extra attitude. It's not a nice topic to bring up but most of us go through it at some point so will always have relevance. Production overall is sweet, transition from verse to chorus is good and that small delay and then back in is really nice. Editing it for radio play is easy so happy to give it a spin on our next radio show. Date TBC. Off to have a look at your other stuff. Thanks for sharing. C

Brian Hazard

I was ready to give up on this one after the "September/remember" rhyming cliché, but things got interesting shortly thereafter!

First off, "my wife" changes everything, because of course we assume you're referring to a man. Hmm...

And then drops the f bomb. Very skillfully placed, I might add!

I really like your brother's production, especially how he uses that harp(?) sound as a lead. Very organic and uncluttered.

The rhyme scheme in the second verse breaks down rather obviously. "End/pretend" is the only actual rhyme, and "from/moron" is a bit of a stretch!

But that's okay - it works. 

There's definitely too much compression in mastering. Other than that, nothing struck me as off technically.

I just reposted on SoundCloud, and I'll share it on Twitter tomorrow. Great track!

For some reason Fluence doesn't think you wanted me to share it, but I assume since it's public on SoundCloud, you do. I'll just use the SoundCloud link.

PHILIPPA OFFICIAL submitted media.

Love Affair by RMMBR x Philippa

Alan Cross

Very interesting arrangement. I began by thinking this was going to be a straight-ahead pop song designed for CHR. But as the song continued, I began to think it could fit in other formats. Another mix (one, for example, without the synth swooshes and something other than handclaps) might even work with alt-pop programmers. 

The one issue you may encounter is the lack of a memorable chorus. I should have been able to hear it in my head once the song finished, but...nothing. This will definitely be an issue with CHR types. 

There's nothing wrong with the performance, the vocal or the sonic quality of the production. I'd consult with some other producers to see what they might do with the arrangement, something that could punch up the chorus. 

Bob Lugowe

This is a highly enjoyable / infectious song with excellent production to boot. The music perfectly complements the mood of the lyrics and makes you feel compassion for the singer. I would suggest, if you haven't already, considering hiring a publicist for your next release to try and expand the reach of your songs to a wider audience. Consider making a music video for an upcoming single and reach out to other artists that you respect about collaborating on remixes or tracks. Your Fluence description should also include links to your music as I found it a bit hard to find you on Spotify (I eventually did) and you want people to access your other songs / social profiles as easily as possible. 

Brian Hazard

I love this! Very timely, with the tropical house flavored lead. I love the sidechaining on both it and the piano. Really cool stuff.

I'm not sure if you want feedback on the production, or the song. I'm guessing RMMBR did the production, and you did the vocals? They're fantastic!

I'm really impressed with the track, and sad at the play count. I just reposted it and will share it on Twitter, so hopefully that'll get you a few more plays!

Your bio is a little confusing in this case. I'm not hearing any 90s pop, or "equality for all" which feels kind of thrown in there for no particular reason. The fact that you started writing when you were young, that your lyrics are emotional, and that they are inspired by reality, are not particularly noteworthy.

I guess what I'm saying is your bio doesn't really tell me anything, which is a lost opportunity. It's not in the same league as your actual music!

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

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