Kayla Thompson

Kayla Thompson

Kayla Thompson

Young K
**Looking for Promotion, Music Showcases, Professional Criticism** 
**Musically, my sound is Underground, not mainstream

Hey what's good! I am an upcoming Hip Hop artist from Bronx, NY. I am an Independent artist, usually performing in cyphers and open mics around the city.            

Vocally I often get compared to Amil, most know off of Jay-z's record "Can I Get a". I began writing music when I was 13, heavily influenced by old school Hip Hop. I am now 22, recently just began going to studios to record music. I feel with more recognition, people that genuinely share a love for Hip Hop can open doors for me as a new artist. While providing me with their honest opinions that'll help me grow as one.
rap, hip-hop, art
Bronx, NY

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Black CaesarX

Whoa nice serious beat on this track. Don't listen to them fools. The vocals are perfect for it and I've been on the game since 1964 as a musician.

Google me up on Facebook our verified page CPirateNetwork, I'm a big influencer there now more than twitter. While you do your video get us the mp3 to cpiratetv@gmail.com we'll put together a quick a/v and tag you as SoundCloud won't play in Facebook anymore. You really got looking forward to hearing from you.

Justin Goodwin

The bars are there. This is a good start. There are a few places where the flow tends to get a bit shaky, but I think this will progress over time. I will say focus on a better recording. The record is not mixed well and at times feels like everything was done in one take. I think if you work on a few minor details then the music will grow. I see the voice already cuts through the record and that's great, especially since this is your first real recording. I would try to experiment in how you use your voice. Switch up the flow from time to time, etc. 

Overall I think you on your way to something. As far as how to promote, I would start with the artwork. Even though this is a very familiar scene from the movie, it has nothing about you or your music. This is imperative. I should at least see the artwork and know who you are. If I saw this picture, I would immediately think of Set It Off and not Young K. 

Christian Lane

Ill. Just ill. One or two less choruses, one more verse. Really promising. Great intonation; I'm addicted and am now a fan. Laid back, flammy beat. I would love to collab.

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