Milo Starr Johnson

Milo Starr Johnson

Milo Starr Johnson

Rock 'n' roll cabaret singer/songwriter
Milo Starr Johnson is a San Francisco native singer/songwriter. Previously based in Los Angeles, Milo has significant experience working in film, experimental theater, and comedy. She brings those elements to her music with cinematic production, telling stories with characters and humor. Inspired by the 60's and 70's, with influences as diverse as The Wrecking Crew, Philly soul, Patti Smith and The Cramps, Milo's debut album, The Perambulator is a skillfully produced, imaginative collection of songs about homecoming and transformation.
jazz, soul, alternative, indie pop, indie, garage, art, folk rock, film, fashion, literature, cinematic, lo-fi, film / video, comedy, books, pop culture, soundtracks, movies, tv
San Francisco, CA

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Family Album by Milo Starr Johnson

Mike Mineo

Stylistic approach - playful and narrative lyrics alongside brisk piano-led pop progressions - reminds me of Squeeze, and fondly so. "Oooh ahh" vocal additives just past the one-minute mark allow the subsequent melodic shifts to prepare for the listeners' ears, with the "family at war' bit reminding me of Peter Gabriel's themes. Great use of backing vocals throughout, with some really great piano flourishes as well just past 01:50. Would love to see more of this ambitious, stylistically inventive piano work. This track is enjoyably understated from a stylistic point, but certainly shows an artist I'd love to listen more of. I'll look to post on OS in the future. If you need any help with promotion, feel free to send an email to -- I can provide rates and success stories regarding my PR service upon request. Thanks for the submission! -Mike

Milo Starr Johnson submitted media.

Look Away by Milo Starr Johnson

Steve Marchese

Solid track. Not particularly something I'd seek out

Disco Naïveté

It's all very nice & everything, love the rich orchestration on it, track waves along very nicely, but it just doesn't do much with me. Maybe it's a bit too flat overall, there's no real "wow" moment that puts me in tears or has me like "so beautiful", if you know what I mean. Kind of drags along like that, a bit too monotone. The best moments are with the sax solo but as a singer-songwriter you want your voice to be the center point of attention. I think Natalie Prass could be a good reference point for you, she manages to do this slightly better.

Andrea Young

Much to like here.  Vocals are lovely and on point, even if a bit removed from the arrangement somehow for me, could be the chosen timing.  But its intriguing and charming, and I'd love to include it on shows and playlists.  Send a high quality mp3 to me at  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Kevin Hugger

There is a genuine grittiness to Milo Starr Johnson’s music, the sort that is not manufactured but rather one that is honed from life experience. That said ‘Look Away’ exposes Milo’s soft underbelly in the sweetest of ways. This is considered dream pop, the sort that St. Etienne used to drop at will in their heyday. The instrumentation weaves in and out of beautiful consciousness so that the listener can focus on a voice that squeezes every ounce of passion from a performance that levitates. This is absolutely gorgeous, a break from the incessant noise of modern life and is a recommended tonic for anyone who has paused in delight at the sound of an unknown piece of music.  

Milo Starr Johnson submitted media.

Vampire Daddy by Milo Starr Johnson

Mike Mineo

Waves of distortion and a suavely confident vocal delivery makes this track enticing from the get-go, with the fuzz-friendly guitar lead and bluesy ferocity making for a good one-two punch in regards to the instrumental arsenal. Alternate vocal delivery around 01:49 provides some nice variation, a more subdued form; I dig the choice to keep the vocals mostly nonchalant and back in the mix, allowing the bluesy distortion to fully envelop the soundscape. The "goooone" effect around 02:25 is a great touch as well! The track has plenty of charisma, showing Milo Starr Johnson as an act full of potential.

Jen Dan

Hello Milo Starr!  Your song definitely had me hooked from its down 'n' dirty, swamp-blues sound to your sweetly ripe, seductive vocal delivery.  Love the zig-zagging rock 'n' roll guitar reverb, punchy drum beat, and sharp lead electric guitar line - all very The Cramps-like - along with your alluring vocals and amusing, story-telling lyrics about a 'vampire daddy' who "...goes to sleep at dawn / Four am / Don't even yawn."
Like you mention in your background info, you have a history of working in film, theater, and comedy and you bring all of this entertainment value  to "Vampire Daddy", taking on different roles, and vocal styles for each part.  
I felt like I was listening to the audio track of and soundtrack for a campy, Rocky Horror Picture Show-like film!  And that's a very good thing.  But I also enjoy how you bookend that with the more traditional swamp-blues sonics of fiery guitar distortion and drum beat stomp.  Well done!

Leks Maltby

On "Vampire Daddy" by Milo Starr Johnson, the listener is treated to three-and-half minutes of blues-soaked rock in the spirit of countless bands that have come before, but perhaps most immediately recalling the work of The Black Keys. A strong female lead vocal is the true source of power behind "Vampire Daddy," giving the song an authentic grit and lyrical sincerity that is not always found in the blues-rock genre. Instrumentally, things get most interesting in the song's last minute, complete with an instrumental breakdown and loud-quiet vocal dynamic until all musical elements explode into an epic crescendo to finish the song.