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Red Shoes Records
Red Shoes Records is an independent Record Label, specializing in electronic music production & online distribution. The label presents a portfolio of fresh takes on Electro, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop R&B & Dubstep music combining diverse styles from around the world.
Paris / Tel-Aviv

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Martin Bryant

I'm sure this would go down really well in the right clubs but it's just too club-focused for my personal taste. Production-wise, the track is unquestionably slick, with the right mix of gloss and pure loudness. The video is a really good fit to the track.

Leks Maltby

On "French It Up!" (Damian Litman Official Remix) by Jeremie, fans are treated to four-and-a-half minutes of dance floor-friendly EDM that's guaranteed to get result in some booty shaking. Hypnotic and circular, the instrumentals on "French It Up!" are built around a series of repeating synthesizer melodies, and are rounded out by a synth-bass heavy rhythm section. Relatively limited lyrically by any overarching narrative, the song's main thesis statement is indeed it's title: "French It Up!". In this regard, this song adheres fairly strictly to the classic EDM genre conventions. Definitely a banger for the dance floor.

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