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Bobby Engel

Bobby Engel

I am a 20 year old self taught and self-produced musician from Jacksonville, FL. I enjoy music in all forms, and have been most prominently influenced by Jazz, progressive rock, and post rock.  My aim along every step of my musical journey is to try and create something unique and distinctly different from not only what I have produced in the past, but my influences as well, and to do so with a very limited repertoire of skills and equipment. I have played Drums for four years, bass for two, and guitar for about a year and a half. Currently, everything on my SoundCloud has been recorded and mixed using Garagband for iPhone. I used a stereo, small diaphragm Zoom microphone. As of writing this (6/9/2016) I am currently re-recording and re-writing four tracks for my first EP of instrumental work on guitar, bass and drums. It will be my first material produced outside of my iPhone.
Jacksonville, FL

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Huh. by Last+First (Robert Engel)

Leks Maltby

On "Huh." by Last+First, Robert Engel delivers three minutes of lo-fi indie rock instrumental jams in the spirit of Broken Social Scene and countless others who came before them. Starting out with little more than a noodling electric guitar lead, some "oohs" and "aahs," and a tight rhythm section, the bands brings the listener on a journey into a simpler world, free of worries or responsibilities. There is definitely somewhat of a jazz sensibility underpinning this instrumental cacophony of beautiful sound, but overall the indie rock lo-fi stripped down aesthetic prevails, and with excellent results no less.

Alex Stillhead

Hey, sorry about the slight delay in getting to this. Thanks for submitting :)

First impressions are this is really nice - definite folk elements, and lots of nice things happening - the aahs, and the guitar parts.

I guess for me, this is slightly harder to judge in terms of production value, since my realm is most definitely electronic music, so levels-wise I guess it's OK, but it may need something of a polish to get it sounding CD-ready - but that may be down to a mixing and mastering engineer.

Track-wise there's a nice downtempo vibe to the whole thing - it's "comfortable" sounding - and would probably quite happily sit in my downtempo/folk playlist without sounding out of place.

I also quite like the slightly loose feel to it all - the fact that it's not super-tight, and things like the claps, the drums and such all have something of their own personality.

Drum-wise I'd probably want to get rid of the room reverb, and look at making sure they were micd up to get the best sound - but everything else sounded find recording-wise.

I'd love to hear the track with more vocals, just to see how it felt - there was something quite "interludey" about this - like it would sit nicely as an interlude on a Sea & Cake early album, or even early Sam Prekop.

The song structure seemed OK, but I guess with lyrics and a clear chorus, it would maybe feel less like an interlude and more like a "song" in the traditional sense - but it really depends whether that's a direction you want to take it in.

Ultimately it's a nice track - it's fairly inoffensive, and although I don't feel it's breaking any boundaries sound-wise, I think if you're happy with it, then that's often enough - and I can hear that it's been played with a sense of enjoyment, there has been care and attention put into it - and I think an album of this sort of stuff would be great, assuming there were some perhaps more song-style tracks.

I hope this is useful information for you - you may have better feedback from someone more used to helping those in the folk/indie realm.

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