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The Vellas
The Vellas are a four piece indie rock band from Sheffield UK. After recording their first EP with Alan Smyth at 2Fly Studios, The Vellas have gone on to play across the UK in cities such as Wigan, Leicester, Nottingham and London. In addition to a sell out charity show at The Leadmill, and supporting shows with Misty Miller, La Shark and Racing Glaciers, The Vellas are due to perform at The City Hall in Sheffield, and host their own main room headlining show at The Leadmill. The Vellas are also set to release their second EP at the end of July, after performing at Sheffield's Tramlines Festival.
They set out to write upbeat, melodic guitar songs informed by Echo and the Bunnymen, The Strokes and the stonewalls of Sheffield.
music performance, music composition, music writing / blogging
indie rock, alternative, surfrock
Sheffield, UK

Recent Submissions

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Faultlines by The Vellas

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James Hawk

Hey guys, this track has got something, I love the energy and earnestness of the feel, reminds me a little of Age of Consent by New Order which is a huge compliment. My only thought is, I wonder if the track would be more successful with less vocal effect? I feel particularly at this point in time the distressed vocal sound has become somewhat of a trope...just my observation. Going for a more real vocal sound might just be the thing that sets you guys apart from the pack. ;) 

Ed Cohen

What can I say?  It rocks, it drives, it has a unique feel....love it.

Indie Band Guru

Songwriting is good.  Harmonies are nice.  Has that UK feel. Song might need a little more punch to gain listener attention though. Have to be honest, I don't love the mix.  The guitars sound a little muddled.  It may be the over distortion.  

YAWA Media

I enjoyed the raw feel of this track and the sweeping chorus. Vocals are charismatically delivered and the track is memorable paying proper compliments to the bands influences without aping them.

Some parts of the intro/verse were perhaps a little abrasive and I would have liked to hear a cleaner guitar line (even low in the mix) to juxtapose with the main riff. 

I think there is a lot of potential to push this single as well as the upcoming EP to media sources and other opportunities and should you ever require our services we would be happy to collaborate.  

Chris Heintz

Guys thanks for reaching out and submitting first and foremost. Starting out the mix on the record sounds like a dirty garage demo. I actually kind of like the raw vibe of it, but I still think there could be things done to the mix to keep it dirty, but also separate some of the elements more. As far as the backing track goes I like the raw guitar and the cymbals that come in and out every few bars. That elements gives things a really different feel. Vocally the lead's voice matches the vibe of the track and music. There is good charisma shown and he gives what I call a "believable" performance. I like the concept of the record and the lyrics tell a good story as well. Even without everything being polished I think this is a cool record with a great vibe. I think this and your sound overall would do well for TV/Film sync placements. Shoot me an email at heintz.c@mihent.com about possibly submitting for syncs if interested. Thanks!

Bob Lugowe

I remember coming across you guys before and believe it was on here but I have nothing but praise for you, this track and what I heard before. This is a great, reinvention of a timeless sound that is very hip right now and you guys do it right. If you haven't hired a publicist yet that should be one of your first steps to start getting your name out there, features with blogs, mags, etc. and start building a buzz. The buzz will lead to festivals and shows and with a big name producer involved it should be pretty easy to start. Make sure you take good band photos and get a proper bio put together as well. 

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Louise Louise by The Vellas

Benji Rogers

Good tune. Not normally my cup of tea but I love the energy. Nice one. 

Brian Hazard

I haven't heard the music yet, but I have to comment on your bio. I doubt anyone cares where you recorded your EP or where you've performed. They want to know 1) what your music sounds like, 2) what your personal stories are, and 3) what inspires you! Why should they click that play button? Convince them!

Or at the very least, tell me something about the song! What's it about? Lyrics?

First thought - there's way too much sub bass. Have you heard it on a system with a subwoofer? I mean, I can't trust YouTube's encoding for the most part, but this is over the top. It's all mud and no sparkle (except from the ride).

That said, it's a strong song, a relatively tight performance, and a solid vocal! I like the way the guitar parts mesh, and the sense of forward momentum is powerful.

I thought there'd be a lot more to it though! It feels unresolved to me, but I confess I wasn't listening too closely to the lyrics. My first thought was it's the sequel to "Louie Louie" which is ridiculous and stupid, but I'm guessing I'm not alone. 😜

I can't really share this because the recording isn't up to snuff, but regardless, it's not a great fit for my following anyway (our lives tend to revolve around Depeche Mode).

Regardless, I hope my pointers help you tighten up your pitch!

Alex Jones

I like it. The song has good energy. Catchy melody and well delivered by the vocalist. The main guitar hook brings a great, retro early 90's feel. I think the overall production let's the recording down a little and if I'm to be hyper critical, I would say the drums are a little unsteady. It's almost as if there were timing conflicts with the studio click when laying down the foundations. All in all though, I enjoyed listening very much. Thanks for sending guys!

D Grant Smith

Nice throwback garage band sound. Reminds me of a lot of the music I cut my teeth on in the early 90s. Upbeat and fun throughout. Makes me want to hear the rest of your album. I hope you'll send it along to me.

Submissions and details are just a conversation away. Email me at dgrantsmith@gmail.com and let's talk.

Andrea Young

This kind of garage band/jam band rock is not usually in my wheelhouse, so please take this feedback with that in mind. I don’t really have a place for it on shows and playlists unfortunately. I like the energy of it, but would love to hear the musical theme developed further, right now its more a jam than a song for me.  The sound is a bit muddled, it might be helped by having it further mixed/mastered possibly.  Hope this feedback is in some way helpful to you.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Anthony. J Haworth

Like it ,Love it ,Can not stop your feet form moving to this classic Rock n Roll  Sounding Louise Louise which I must say reminds me of an early track from the Ramones ?
It's still Clasdic and in its own right will be a classic as Rock n Roll will never die it will always be liked and always be a market for it .
Myself I would by it and I'm sure thousands would, the Jangley Guitars the Rock drum with a plain clean sound are superb ,,,in short it's Just A great track and possible classic  of the future who can tell , 
I love it and I'm sure many will ,well done and let's hear more from the Vellas......

Charlie Ashcroft

This track made me sit up and take notice straight away - it's right up my alley! Perfect amount of fuzz and charm, and very well paced. The vocals have an obvious personality about them and I'll be keen to hear more in the future.

Mike Mineo

Heavy bass and guitar twangs glide alongside soaring vocals to make"Louise Louise" an immediately captivating effort, recalling '90s grunge with the hook-laden distorted fuzz, as well as early alt-rock purveyors like Sonic Youth and Tortoise. The "louise, louise" line - echoed by a charismatic guitar line - provides a nice memorable moment throughout, as does the twangy guitar solo at the two-minute mark. I'm really digging how this solo goes on for over a minute as well, with some awesome percussive work around the three-minute mark that aligns beautifully with the guitar work. This is a fun, energetic success -- I'll be posting on OS in the near future. Also reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if you ever need a hand with PR -- I can provide my rate and success stories upon request. Thanks for the excellent submission! -Mike

Jerry Doby

Reminds me of some of the early Brit Rock.

Hannah Parvaz

At 0:14, this leads in with effortlessly catchy guitar. The more I listen to this the better it feels. There are tinny drums which detract from the guitar riffs, could benefit from a rounder sound there (e.g. 1:00). 

The vocals have an Alex Turner feel, especially as "reality is a bore" is snarled into the mic (1:40).

This will definitely have people dancing.

Bob Lugowe

I dig the energy and rawness of this song and think this is something people could really get behind. I would suggest including a short bio about the band and description of the track along with your Fluence description so people can easily find out more without searching the web. Get on Bandcamp too as it's a crucial platform for discovery that both fans and labels look at. Besides that it looks like you're already playing a lot of gigs so continue busting your ass and make sure you're playing with bigger bands in your region plus playing out on the right shows as much as you can. Consider hiring a publicist once you have fully recorded tunes too.