Ben Litwin

Ben Litwin

Ben Litwin

Both seasoned musicians in their own right, Ben and Eli started jamming together after meeting through a mutual friend. Eventually the informal jam sessions would give way to a partnership based on a mutual appreciation for jazzy grooves, soulful production and forward-thinking technique. Described by its creators as “future soul/indie electronic,” at.Play’s sound is a heartfelt blend of mellow beats, sultry vocals and intriguing percussion
Denver, CO

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Go Nowhere Demo by At.Play

Andrea Young

Lots to like here!  Love the alt pop vibe of it and could see possibly playing and including on playlists and shows, depending on your further direction and development of it.  I'm most attracted to the parts of this song that move it along/are backed by the beat, as opposed to the more ambient sounds, which may actually distract from the flow of it for me.  Horns are unusual, would love to know background on that (I like them).   So while I'd love to see you all work this further to tighten it up (it feels a bit loose) and develop it to a more alt-pop than ambient pop vibe, I realize that is a personal choice and there is room in the marketplace for both, just that the alt-pop vibe is my preference.  The chorus is a bit of an earworm already ;)  Hope that makes some sense?  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Ben Litwin submitted media.

What do I know by At.Play

Brian Hazard

Thanks for sharing this with me guys!

First and foremost, the sound design is amazing. The horns sound super cool and organic, but they're not real are they?

I love the openness of the arrangement. It allows me to hear all the detail in the programming.

Starting at 0:58 and 2:35, the snare seems ahead of the beat, or maybe it's the vocals that fall behind the beat. In any case, I find it jarring.

But I love the build after that! Really powerful into the "drop" 😜

Ending vocal ad lib is awesome, maybe a touch too loud relative to the lower part.

Mix-wise, the kick can come down a couple dB, and the bass down a dB. I love me some low end too, but it's a bit much.

The snare is a little in your face at times, but not unacceptably so. If you pulled it back a half dB I wouldn't be upset.

The vocal tone, especially at the beginning, is too muffled and dry for my taste. I'm looking for a little more James Blake type sound.

That's all I've got! All in all, I'm really impressed and can't wait to hear the final version! Thanks for sharing it with me.

Martin Bryant

Arrangement-wise I like the way it builds up towards the end but I feel like it's a bit to 'samey' for the first three minutes (bar the layered vocals bits). It's not the kind of song that appeals to me as a listener but it's a good song and production-wise I like the sparse opening with lots of space, and the way it builds up. I just wish the buildup was a bit more graded throughout the song to keep interest levels up throughout. You say it's unfinished, so my feedback is to focus on the first three minutes - it doesn't need much, just a bit more variation.

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