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Taste (Single 2016) by This Party

Jen Dan

Hey guys!  You've got a live wire one here, crackling at the start with the distorted guitars and then smoothing out into a catchy indie rock song.
While the song is molded in the tried and true Verse, Chorus, Verse format, it doesn't bore one bit.  You've got that massive guitar hook for the chorus which really carries the song along.  Nice crisply authoritative drumkit work, sharply enunciated guitar lines that come off like a second voice at times, and some interesting lyrics, especially "All I want is a taste of electric bliss."  Don't we all!  :)
I really enjoyed how the song all came together at its end with the added "Ahhh"ing back-up vocals, the sudden cantering drum beat, and fulminating guitars and cymbals 'n' drums turmoil.  Good stuff!

Indie Band Guru

Nice raw sound with a catchy melody and vocals that will draw the listener in.  The video effect is pretty cool too allowing the viewer to focus on whatever he wants with each watch.  
In my opinion the mix gets a little too empty at times.  Some more fills or overdub may help in filling out the sound on the recording. 

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