Sim Balkey

Sim Balkey

Sim Balkey

Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist
Sim Balkey has a distinctive voice, which quite simply, doesn't sound like anyone else in country music today. There's an edgy intensity that brings out the best in every song whether it's a vulnerable ballad or uptempo party anthem. Balkey infuses lyrics with a warmth and authority that draws the listener into every song and makes it memorable. Sim’s country roots shine through as his heart-felt vocals and his lyrics paint a picture of pain, love, and the struggle between. Balkey has released an album (Messin' Around) that is undeniably strong!
New Mexico, USA

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Mark Christoper Lee

Hi please send a link that works and I will listen -

Mike Mineo

Country isn't my or Obscure Sound's forte keep in mind, but I do enjoy this; the commanding vocals and polished production stand out in a good way, comparable to the good-timey summertime feelings of most country-rockers I hear that achieve nicely on the radio and in the summer tour circuit. Romantic yearning in the verses - with a gentle guitar twang and an acoustic backing - give way nicely to the "let's get lost like we used to" hook, which brims with melodic passion and a contagious sense of sun-shining optimism. Despite not being up my wheelhouse in a stylistic sense and too structurally/stylistically conventional for Obscure Sound in general, "How Bout We Do That Tonight" is an instantly accessible and well-produced track that should achieve success in its respective stylistic niche. Thanks so much for sending, and keep up the great work. -Mike

Raymond Flotat

I like this. It's rare that I don't have some kind of feedback for improvement. I wouldn't change much of anything here. Just a smooth, relaxing country song. Good harmonies and some pleasant melodies. I see this song as something about 3 or 4 songs into a live set. Something that cements momentum, but it's not the big triumphant showstopper. That might be my only feedback here--because otherwise it's a great track--just maybe not a song to use as a lead single. Thanks for the submission!

Matthew Linsky

Nice classic country stylings man! The vox are the highlight for me - authentic to the bone - but that isn't to say that the all around performance isn't there. I dig all the nice little touches such as the banjo in the choruses and the rhythmic changes from verse to verse. Subtle and tasteful stuff right there.

All in all this is a succinct, mature, and pleasant record of a well-constructed song. Me likey, though I was craving some pedal steel.

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