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On My Mind by AKHYO

Alex Stillhead

First impressions: Liking the strings (even though they are slightly fake sounding - KONTAK instrument maybe?) - the vocal has been really over-used, I'd avoid using the On & On acapella - it sticks out (and also you'd not be able to clear it if a label wanted to sign the release). Also it feels a little out of tune at points.

The beat is nice enough - but the 4-4 kick, snare thing feels like it might be more interesting if there was more happening - not just the reverse cymbals and odd reverbed/ping-ponged hats.

The bass is OK, but it would also be great to hear more variation - which I suppose applied to the chord progression - it remains the same throughout and even with the breakdown, it would be great to hear the chords change or have some sort of chorus or vague song structure happening.

The single cello-type string is nice when it comes in on the breakdown - for a good example of how this works, check out a producer called "Tonik Ensemble" he uses strings/cello to great effect. I believe they're real though, not synthesised.

Ultimately I think the track is *fine* - but it feels very loop-based, and part of the magic of a great track for me is when I don't hear how it's been put together - or when something takes me by surprise - either a sound (great sound design) or the level of detail, and variations involved (which can also be sound design - but to a degree also structure and musicality) - I think this track could definitely progress into something amazing - but for me right now it feels a little unfinished.

Sure - you could probably drop it into a set of tech-house type stuff and it would be OK, but I'd want more from it - I'd really want to push it, experimentally and take more risks. It feels a little like you are holding something back - you've made this maybe thinking "what will people like - or what has everybody else done" which leaves you with quite a generic sounding track - but if you allow yourself to explore a bit more, you may find that it opens up new avenues of exploration which then mean you can take the track in totally wild directions.

Of course it's up to you - but I'd spend another few hours working on this and pulling some bits out - adding others, and maybe playing with the structure.

Mixdown-wise it sounds fine - no major volume or balance issues.

Sound-design-wise, I think you could craft the strings a little more, or try to find either a better synth sound, or better source for the strings - they sound a bit plastic or synthetic right now. It may even just be a case of adding some reverb - or some air/noise to them.

The beat design could be a little more interesting - right now it's very regular and predictable - and I'd want to play more with the percussion - get some other beats and syncopation on the go - see what happens.

I hope this all helps - and apologies if it sounds really harsh! I believe in honesty, since it'll help you get better results.

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