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Wandering by Villiers

Martin Bryant

Really nice feel to this. Good production with influences warn proudly, but with an individual touch to it too. Compositionally, it feels a little 'samey' throughout and I'd prefer to hear some more variation in instrumentation etc to keep interest levels up throughout. Still, I'll definitely look out for more of your stuff.

Charlie Ashcroft

Dramatic, dreamy synth pop, whose main instrumental hook seems destined for a big placement of sync further down the line. The vocals aren't particularly engaging, but that's not to detract from an impressive track, full of driving momentum, confidence and poise. The 'Blue Monday'-esque breakdown towards the end lends an air of nostalgic authenticity too.

Leks Maltby

On "Wandering" by electro outfit Villiers, the listener is treated to four minutes of heavenly dream-synth pop. Complete with densely layered hypnotic synth melodies, the lead vocals don't kick in until nearly a minute into the song. A looping background vocal melody is employed liberally, serving to compliment the pre-established synth melodies. "Wandering" get surprisingly catchy and radio-friendly around the two-minute mark, featuring strong, hook-filled choruses and dynamic lead vocals. Very unassuming to say the least, especially for a song that begins with little more than a lonesome synth melody. Ultimately, everything decays into silence in the song's final minute, ending as subtly as it began.

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