Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott

Rapper from St. Louis, MO trying to make a name for himself.
St. Louis, MO

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Christopher Scott submitted media.

kidsneverdie by chrisfrmkro

Keta Myers

I like the song and it gives me that K-Dot vibe. 

Christopher Scott submitted media.

sirensong w/ elice by chrisfrmkro

Justin Goodwin

I like the sound of this one. Its sonically unique. I will say the rapping caught me off guard, but in a good way. It was unexpected and served as a pleasant surprise that made me want to continue to listen. I would suggest some different artwork. I don't think it really serves the song any justice. Its not as inviting. Because there is such a wide range on the sound, there are a few places to go for promotion. I would suggest a visual that keeps the same allure as the song itself. Play into that mystery. 

Christopher Scott submitted media.

bedown (prod. D. Edz) by chrisfrmkro

Crystal Johnson

Great job on this one! Beat selection was great. You have a quality rap voice is quality, flow is solid and charismatic! Well done!

Jerry Doby

Great arrangement and lyricall on point except perhaps it should be more radio friendly not to exclude possible fans. I think you are on the right track.

Martin Bryant

It's well produced and recalls 2000/2001 but with a modern edge. I can imagine it playing well on the radio and at summer parties. It's not the kind of thing I'd choose to listen to personally, but it's definitely got a fun vibe.

Christopher Scott submitted media.

LSD (chrisfrmkro edition) by chrisfrmkro

Stacie Wyatt

I like the beat but i struggled with the words. 

Jerry Doby

Sonically good but not very challenging musically, at least from an arrangement standpoint. I think you could have pushed this harder.

Christopher Scott submitted media.

Brian Hazard

Really well done mix of styles! I like how the feel moves in and out of half time.

It deserves to be shared, but it's not a good fit for my audience. They're just not into hip hop!

With that in mind, I'm stopping the clock early so you don't have to pay me the full price for listening to it.

If you ever have something with this style of production, that's instrumental or sung, please run it by me and I'll most likely share it on Twitter!

D Grant Smith

The pacing of this track sets it apart. R&B with a nice flow. Well produced with a sweet bass line. Just when it seems like the track will up the tempo it slows down for a 1/2 time piece. Nice work. 

Brian Zisook

Hey Chris, thanks for the submission. This is really solid. Nice bounce, clean flow, great energy. One of the best submissions I've heard on this platform. I'll submit this to DJBooth's music staff for feature consideration.

Christopher Scott submitted media.