Mike Chung

Mike Chung

Mike Chung

SUNSLINGER [SUN-SLING-ER] is a musical outfit woven together by two friends who met in Montreal. It is borne of two musicians - a songwriter and a drummer.

SUNSLINGER smashes together the comfortable quirks of indie rock and the pulsating adrenaline of synthpop, weaving together a resonating poetic narrative and unabashed summertime euphoria, over surprisingly chilled-out atmospheres.

Mike Chung: Vocals, guitar, keyboard
Kyle Andrews: Percussion, synths
music performance, music composition, music theory
indie rock, music, video games, film, synthpop, books, food
Montreal, Canada

Recent Submissions

Mike Chung submitted media.

Sun Stand Still by SUNSLINGER

Mike Mineo

A buzzing synth pad and spacey feel accompany yearning vocals to start. "Please tell me what you are thinking of me, today," the vocals emit -- channeling a sort of Avey Tare-like vocal tone. The build-up does well to craft an authentic, resonating sense of emotion. Percussive change-up at 01:08 does well as a precursor to further evolution, culminating in the additional percussive stomp around 01:55, following the spacey synth pad interlude. In general, the track touts Animal Collective vibes, though embracing synth-laden soundscape more than psych-laden trippiness. I'm really digging the aesthetic, and the subtle build-up additions that complement the striking sense of yearning and atmosphere. Since you mentioned needing help with promoting this, feel free to email me at mike@obscuresound.com to inquire about my PR servicing's rates and success stories. Would love to work with you. Thanks for the submission, and I look forward to supporting on OS. -Mike

Tom Johnson

Thanks for the submission, enjoyed the track. It's a little more electronic than the stuff we cover on my site but there are plenty of good sites covering this kind of thing. A good way to find them is by using Hype Machine and seeing which sites have covered artists similar to yourself. Reach out to them personably and to-the-point and see what comes of it. Make sure the song is available on all the platforms - Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube etc - as well as just on Soundcloud. Best of luck! 

SD Hox

A nice mix of instrumentation and electronica overlaid with clear enchanting vocals makes this track stand apart from the pack. Solid work on this. Thanks for sharing and happy to spread the word.

Mike Chung submitted media.

Lion At Rico by SUNSLINGER

Dominic Lachance

Very nice melody, the hook is crazy. Overall, this is a great song. Lyrics are sleek and melodious.

Aurora Berill

Personally, I love the idea of mixing together a bit of indie rock with synth-pop and a bit of retro wave. Synthpop is back in the world of mainstream music. There are more and more continuously innovating artists who embrace and experiment with synthesizer sound. 

This song has a perfect balance of high energy and chill-out atmosphere, and in many ways, it reminds me of the New Order's sound. Nowadays, it's also important to focus on the technical part. I would suggest to work on a smooth transitions from the lowest to the highest tones and smooth vocal melody. 

Thanks for sharing your music with me!

Larry Lootsteen

Intriguing opening.  A little taken aback by the keys opening but it worked.  Vocal is different but kind of cool.  I like the vibe through the first third of the song.  The long break between vocal segment actually works quite well here.  I keep wondering where this is going.  There's a bit of mystery which is a good thing.  The vocal is brilliantly strange and enticing.  I keep waiting for a real crescendo and it isn't coming except vocally.  Very cool.  Original and held my attention front to back!  Well done indeed! 

SD Hox

Interesting vocals. I like the quirky sound and rhythm. Definitely can tell that a lot of work was put into this track. Thanks for sharing!

Brian Hazard

So sorry to keep you waiting! I've been wrapping up an album, and finally stopped to catch my breath.

The intro reminds me of "Poker Face" - ha!

Okay, sorry again. 😜

Thanks so much for including the lyrics! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have understood some of them.

The main pulsing pad is a little too warm and dynamic, and the vocal could be more controlled, but you have a very distinctive voice! It's hard to place the accent.

I also really enjoy the lyrics. They don't make a ton of sense literally but the emotion carries through.

I'm hearing synthpop, but not so much the drummer influence, other than the trap-ish hats I suppose. I was expecting something more... virtuosic?

Overall the mix feels a bit rough, and as I mentioned before, warm (i.e. muddy). But that rawness is a virtue to some I suppose.

I'm happy to share this! You mentioned release dates in your description, but I guess you got impatient because the EP is already on Spotify. Hopefully we can get you a few more listens!

Thanks for sharing this with me, and sorry again about the delay! Usually I get it done within a few days.


Andrea Young

Such an unusual and intriguing sound.  It doesn't quite fit into any genre or theme or playlist for us, but there's much to like about it.  It sounds a bit murky in my headphones, has it been mixed and mastered properly yet?  That could make a difference.  Not sure I love all parts of the instrumentation, but the vocals and keyboards are quite engaging for us.  Not sure we can find a place for it, we'd like to sit with it a bit, please send a high quality mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com with 'Fluence Request - Artist Name - Track Title' and we'll take further listens.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Mike Chung submitted media.

Wolves' Clothing by SUNSLINGER

Mike Mineo

"Wolves' Clothing" is a very solid effort that can be enhanced even further by some production fixes. The vocals seem a bit too up-front in the production and jarring during the first minute, likely emphasized by the absence in percussion, but it all comes together well after the one-minute mark. I'd suggest to turn the vocals down a bit in the mix to counteract this. Great, emotive interlude around the two-minute mark -- leading into the solid "oh my gosh" hook, which is accompanied nicely by the guitar swipes and spacey synths. Concluding interlude starting at 02:30 is very good as well. This reminds me fondly of Scandinavian pop acts. Thanks so much for the submission; feel free to keep me posted on any new material and reach out to mike@obscuresound.com if ever in need of PR servicing. Thanks -Mike