Phillips Saylor

Phillips Saylor

Phillips Saylor

Freeloader Free Press C.E.O. and Founder
Freeloader Free Press is a Washington, D.C. based independent record label focusing on post-folk, lo-fi, experimental.
Washington D.C.

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Love And Taxes by H. DJ Pancake

Martin Bryant

Nice warm, intimate feel to this with the reverb on the vocals adding some space to the overall sound. Production-wise it's good. Regarding the song itself, I'd say that at six minutes long I'd prefer some more variation in the structure and pacing to keep things moving forward. A key change, and change in rhythm, maybe some more instrumentation – anything just to keep the listener engaged all the way through.

Jerry Doby

This is a beautifully constructed song, sonically fulfilling. Use of metaphor was genius, kind of Chuck D or KRS1 in it's placement. No this isn't a Hip-Hop song but those are the top examples in the world when talking the use of metaphor to tel a story.

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