Adam Purski

Adam Purski

Adam Purski

Australian based rapper from Melbourne
I've been rapping since 2008 and throughout the years I've developed and honed my own style and "brand". I tend to write in an aggressive, matter-of-fact way that is underlined by self-deprecating humour and witty story-telling, which I draw from various experiences related to my own personal life, as well as what I believe and value.
rap, hip-hop, music
Melbourne, Australia

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Mike Mineo

"This Is Home" is a fresh-sounding hip-hop track that serves as a commendable response to racism, referring to overcoming the temptation of retaliation and instead channeling the energy on artistic expression. The verses, with a glisten key-led fervor, speak about the inescapable madness of public racism, while the infectious chorus leads with an anthemic response ("I must get up and live / I just don't really like what I see / But I feel like I want to stay, cause this is home") that effectively relays that running away - especially from home - is not the answer. With a cool beat, coherent central message, and slick delivery, "This Is Home" is a solid effort for sure. Look out for a post on OS, and reach out to me at if interested in rates/success stories regarding my digital PR servicing. Thanks -Mike

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"This is Home" by Adam Purski is a very raw look into the city Adam hails from. Scanning sprawling rooflines, riverside walkways, and the streets, this video takes you on a journey into Melbourne. The flows from Adam are heartfelt and smooth. I really enjoy the vocal layering and dual filming of him singing and rapping. Great song, sexy beats, and powerful message. Well done. 

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