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The new album 'This Is Your Jam' available now. SoCal rock and roll, Its goodtunes for goodtimes.
Orange County, CA

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Bad Beat by Black Snak

Jared Losow

Great gritty production. I hear the QOTSA and Helmet parallels but not necessarily Foo Fighters. This track is definitely further left than that. I'm thinking more Clutch and Fu Manchu than Foo; more stoner metal than radio rock.

I love the odd-time groove during the verse. Great melodic vocal sensibilities. This is a great example of a song that doesn't re-invent the wheel but is 100% enjoyable. I listened to it twice!

The song is great and I really can't think of any advice to make it better. What I would advise is to aim for the metal crowds. They are way more open to bands like Red Fang that fall more on the stoner rock side of things these days. It's a more diverse and welcoming community than it used to be. Go for a PR campaign with a metal-centric firm like Earsplit or Freeman Promotions and spend some dollars on Facebook ads targeting heavier bands and labels.

Makes me think of: Red Fang, Fu Manchu, Helmet, Crowbar, Clutch, Whores

Leks Maltby

On "Bad Beat" by the heavy-leaning Black Snak, the band lays down four minutes of unbridled rock riffage in the spirit of bands such as Queens of the Stone Age and the numerous stoner rock bands that came before. Riff heavy with surprisingly smooth vocals, the Josh Homme reference is not far off the mark to be sure. The seamless balance of heavy influences with accessible pop-leaning vocals makes for a beautiful musical marriage, and the thing that could very easily finds its way onto Alternative Radio. While there is an inherent repetitiveness on "Bad Beat," the song's chugging melody nonetheless burrows deep inside the listener's brain, with no immediate plans on relinquishing its death grip upon your brain. Rock on Black Snak, rock on.

Tyler Martin

- you can feel the intensity right from the start
- catchy hooks
- riffs are great 
- just as good as bands like Monster Truck or QOSA
- keep releasing music, send it to rock blogs 
- play tons of bar shows, try and open for large bands
- great tune, would love to hear more 

Raymond Flotat

Sorry for the delay in reviewing this one. Was away at SXSW and am catching up now. 

Excellent to get a quality rock submission here on Fluence. Love the riffs, love the rhythm section. Great song overall. Generally really like the aggressive framework balanced against the sedate vocal delivery. Would suggest trying to have a variant in one of the choruses having the vocals either sing out or sing the chorus differently to provide for some contrast. Additionally, might be fun to try using a limited amount of delay on the vocals or flanger on the vocals to add to the effect of the contrast (much like Youth from Killing Joke often does). Wouldn't drown it in effects, but would be nice to try it that way to see how it gels. Great stuff!

Jerry Doby

This isn't a Snak it's a full meal sonically. I love the distortion and Southern Rock feel but It's pure honest it.

Bob Lugowe

I thought this was a solid rock song with a tight groove, great guitar tone, and catchy / well performed vocals. I was additionally impressed by the Iron Sheik's review of the record on Bandcamp. I would recommend that you link to your socials on Bandcamp and in Fluence plus include a brief bio of the band if there is anything else impressive to add (bands you've opened for, song on radio, etc.). I will say it's hard to promote an album that is well over a year old and you should focus on writing / releasing new songs and coming up with a promo plan from there. Most larger blogs, radio stations, etc. aren't going to push an album that is more than a few months old and it's better to send out fresh material. Besides that, try getting on shows with bands in your same scene and touring regionally to build an audience. This is music that is meant to be heard live. I would also offer the bandcamp album as a pay-what-you-want download instead of charging $5 to try and get more people to DL it. Best of luck!

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