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Darryl Sherman

Amazingly polished track that screams main room or festival banger. Great changes throughout that resemble The First Lady of Crunk&B, Ciara when she first wowed us with her energetic dance moves circa 2004 with 1,2 step. This is a true hybrid of rhythmic dubstep and bounce sprinkled with pop melodies to enhance its appeal. Solid production that keeps our hands in the air and our feet moving. Climb aboard and take a journey with 26 Carat as he inspires you to take flight and hit the dance floor.

Brett Napoli

Though I felt some parts were a bit repetitive, the track is smooth and ambient. I like the injections of vocal samples and the overall feel of the track, but the repetition of certain sounds was frustrating. Would have preferred more variety. Though the piano and future vibes were nice, same with the overall speed and tempo